Ich fliege nach L.A. | coolste Business Klasse | Rodeo Drive

I have a 13 hour flight in front of me. And a travel time of of 18 hours in total. Are you guys grumpy people in the mornings just like me? But as soon as I`m fully awake I will start my journey to L.A. It will definitely be much warmer then here in Germany. Round about 28-30 °C. Oh man, my luggage is so heavy. First I`m heading to Frankfurt… where I will catch my flight. Flight no. 1 – Off to London. First time for me being in London. Unfortunately I`m only seeing the Airport this time. What I will be doing in L.A.: I will be there with Ford due to having a cooperation with them. They will be launching a new car model. And there will be many other things around. Of course I will take you with me. We are going upstairs guys. I love sitting upstairs as there are less seats. That`s what it looks like up here. As you can see there are not many people up here. This Airline is a nice example of having seats where you can sit backwards as well as forewards. You usually don`t see that very often. I`m sitting backwards today but you don`t recognize that besides the take off. This is indeed the most comfortable business class seat I`ve ever had! It feels a bit like having an own cabin. That one`s pretty cool. When you don`t want to see the other people just close it. The seats in here offer a lot of legroom. I have got an 11 hour flight ahead of me. It will be approx. 4:30 PM when I will be arriving in L.A. That`l be tough for me as in Germany it will be late at that time – – or even at night. And its better not to go to sleep due to jetlag. You have to keep going and stay awake. I wonder if I will make it. Only 1,5 more hours to go until we will arrive. That`ll be soon then. But first we are having a nice meal. Outside it`s looking pretty nice. Just look how huge L.A. is. and so densely covered with buildings. We are already flying over L.A. for about 5-10 minutes now! This is so unreal! That doesn`t bear comparison with any big German city. I just can`t believe that I`ve finally arrived in L.A. after 18 hours of travelling. Off to the hotel we go. I`m excited what my room will look like. There we go. Just turned on the lights. The bed is definitely big enough for me. Bathroom looks nice as well. Do I have a nice view? I don`t know. I`m on the 16th floor. Hopefully I`having a nice view. I`ll show you guys how it looks like in daylight on tomorrow. That`s my view in the daylight! You can see a lot more right now. The sun is about to rise. I`m a bit in a hurry right now. It`s shortly after six o’clock right now… …and we will meet up at 7 in the hotel lobby. We`ve just had a short PR trip with Ford. Now I`m on my way with Marcus. He is also part of the Ford event. We have some time left so we wanted to do some typical tourist stuff like visiting the Santa Monica Pier. Let`s explore what`s going on there. It`s super hot here. I think it`s about 28 °C. There`s the beginning of the Santa Monica Pier. …and all the palm trees and the water. I`m feeling like being on holiday folks! Marcus, you have to… Riesenrad (ferris wheel) “Riese” means big “Rad” means wheel. This is the promenade where we just walked like 5 kilometers or so. You can buy just anything you can imagine: Weed, getting tattoed… They offer almost anything you could possibly want! We`re returning to the hotel, because now we will visit the Fox Studios. I`m pretty tired right now, as jetlag kicks in. In Germany I would go to bed just now. And here it`s only 2 PM. And for me it feels like a never ending day. Look at this beautiful Lamborghini Huracán Performante. Awesome! That sound reminds me of my former Audi R8. Nice! I started travelling relatively late. Mainly it started all with the whole YouTube thing. I started improving my English only 3-4 years ago. Before that time I could hardly say a word in English. I never thought I would be travelling to L.A. on my own 3-4 years ago. I`m getting myself ready for dinner now. There are the Fox Studios! Unfortunately it`s already dark outside. You can`t see that much. Here you can see some typical american houses. They are often shown in movies with that fire escape outside. Seems to be a filming location right here. That`s pretty cool! They`ve just built up a fake block of houses. For the ones who think: “Wow they`ve tried so hard to built that up”. Let`s have a closer look behind the scenes! Surprise! Everything made of only papier-mâché! So they`ve really just built up the front side of the buildings. That`s quite funny! Which one`s for me now? We`ll have some nice food right now. Today was a really exceptional situation that you have time to do some sight seeing. Or doing something else besides working. We`re now having a drink at the bar. And after that I will return to my room, because I can still feel the jetlag. Later I will just watch a movie on Netflix. And tomorrow we`ll continue. Next day has arrived. But first – Breakfast! That`s also something I wanted to show you. It looks so nice. We`re having breakfast on the 3rd floor. Outside! That`s how it looks like here outside. Beautiful! You just can`t imagine how warm it already is. I`m wearing a long sleeve top because I thought it might be a little cold. I`m having some nice stuff from the buffet right now. Look at the burning water over there. Looks pretty cool! Look at those huge buildings. That`s what a fried egg should look like guys. I`ve just ordered an Uber. It should arrive very soon. I will go to the Rodeo Drive all allone. What a spectacular petrol station! Have a nice day! Thank you! I`ve just arrived at the Rodeo Drive. It looks exactly like I`ve imagined. Everything is super clean and super beautiful. I`m excited whether I will get to see some nice cars. The cars over here have a much better sound. I`m so sad guys! I would love to go shopping right now, but I have to leave soon. And there`s no free space in my luggage. You know what`s weird for me? There`s Christmas music everywhere on the streets. Christmas decorations wherever you look. And I can walk around in a summer dress at about 30°C while hearing “Jingle Bells”. That`s a bit strange. What I want to point out is, that the people in the USA are always very open minded and friendly. For example: There are people coming over to me on the streets just to tell me that they love my dress. Or: I love your purse. In Germany it would be very uncommon to talk to strangers like this. Over here the people say honest and frank what they think. I really like that! I wish that the German people would also be more like that. I was hoping that there would be more fancy cars over here. Maybe the reason is that it`s sunday. Although the stores are all open. But maybe the Americans like to stay at home on sundays. The streets are so beautiful. Just like shown in all the movies. All the small bungalow houses. The welltended gardens. Just like in the american Movies. A new day has begun! What will be going on today will be shown in the next video. There´s a second video needed for that. Don`t forget to subscribe. And don`t miss part 2 of my L.A. video. See you guys! Bye!

28 thoughts on “Ich fliege nach L.A. | coolste Business Klasse | Rodeo Drive

  1. Hey Sophia, wieder ein super Vlog. Da hast du echte tolle Aufnahmen in schöner Qualität gemacht. LA scheint sehr schöne Ecken zu haben. Ich hoffe das ich da auch noch irgendwann mal hin komme. Es macht einfach nur Spaß deine Videos zu sehen. Freue mich schon auf den nächsten Teil. LG

  2. Für mich war LA absolut nichts. Zu laut, zu dreckig und einfach überbewertet. Besonders von Venice Beach war ich sehr enttäuscht. Auch vom Hollywood Boulevard hatte ich mir mehr erhofft. Den Rodeo Drive hingegen kann man sich anschauen und die Serpentinen der Hollywood Hills sind was für Kurvenkünstler am Lenkrad.
    Ne LA müßte ich nicht nochmal haben, dann eher wieder San Francisco oder Las Vegas 😉 .

  3. Triff dich mit DDE YouTube Channel😀😛😜🤪Alex Choi 720s und getunten Toyota Supra von Damon bei AGX Autowerkstatt in LA California 😀😛😛👍👍👍👍🚘🚘🚘🚘

  4. I don't speak German so I don't understand what you're saying but still I like you Sophia and I watch your videos. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Sophia
    Ihr solltet einmal Qatar QSuite ausprobieren, die ist noch einmal ein Level besser. Zwischen BA Biz und LH First würde ich sagen. Gibt auch immer wieder recht gute Angebote.
    btw. was sind das für beige Hosen? Meine Freundin sucht exakt solche!!

  6. 12:11 Porsche Cayenne, Lexus RX, Porsche Cayenne, Tesla, Hammer, Mercedes S Klasse, Chrysler …
    Mir gefallen die Palmen und die Sonne auch viel besser 😍

  7. Hi, cooles Video. Schneidest du deine Videos selber? Mich würde noch interessieren wie hast du am schnellsten englisch gelernt, ich bin nämlich auch gerade dabei und kann mir das auch noch nicht so richtig vorstellen. Liebe Grüße Frank

  8. Deine gekünstelte Überheblichkeit (z.B. am Anfang des Videos) hat dir mindestens ein Abo gekostet. Schuster bleib bei deinen Rappen..

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