How to Start E-commerce Business & Sell Products Online In India For Beginners – Hindi

Hello friends this myself Arjun Rajpurohit So as we are going to talk about E-Commerce E-com industry is growing very fast in India daily millions of products are being sold and bought on it. And if u also want to develop your business through e-commerce But u don’t have idea and adequate information to start it And about how does this whole system works So in this video we will talk about the basic of E-comm That basically how your product (sorry) that how you can grow your business through it’s help or how this system is working Mostly there are two of ways of selling the products online First is that you can develop your own E-comm store In which you have to make your own website And in which through marketing and branding you will bring costumer On which buyer can buy your products And the other second way is being used very excessively And it is little easy than other and that is through market places Let me tell about marketplaces You may have heard about Flipkart,
snapdeal, amazon These are all market place company That means it works on seller system Which means for every product there different seller available I mean Someone is selling shoes on it Some are selling mobile accesories Some others are selling kitchen products Everyone according their categories are selling on it I said it easy because these companies have already done there branding and have made their name You may see there advertising on T.V and you may see big holdings near you In which they do there own advertisement And mostly people know them As You may have seen that when some buys a product they directly go to their website and search their product and After that And then they buy it from there So in this there is no need for you to the marketing because these companies have already made their brand name and they them selves are doing their promotions and marketing Secondly Second they don’t charge anything for registering as a seller Whenever your product get sold from there platform they take some money as a commission from it now First of all to sell your product online on their marketplace You have to get registered as a seller So, to register as a seller on this you will be required some documents Like you should have G.S.T number After that your bank account After that your pan card And if you are running PVT company Then you will have to provide companies pan card Your email address and mobile number will require in this And when you provide all this document to these company then you Become registered as a seller on it and ,when you Become registered as a seller on it and then you come onboard Which mean you are now ready to sell you product on it now let us now understand the inner process that how order comes and how this system works After registering as a seller these companies Provides you a panel, through the help of this this panel You can list your product on these website You can manage products price And all the orders which you will receive will be shown in this panel So whatever the product you want to sell so what you have to do basically is You should item’s photographs Which clearly tells that about the item You will have to upload these photos on your panel You have to add it as a new product After that you will have to tell all the details of the product Like in which use case it falls we say it discreption. You may have seen in online shopping that Below every product there is description of it From which buyers understand that for which need it is used. As your product get listed on website then it become ready to be sold. Suppose a customer wants to buy that product He goes on website and search the product name And when he finds your product then he buys it from there And when he buys the product then the panel which company has provided you will start to list the order as your order And then you will have to process that order And let me tell you the step of processing that order You will have to login in your panel There will be some labels of that orders You will be required to print that labels and after you will pack your order you will the stick labels on it And the work left to do after that is picking the product from you and Delivering it to costumer means taking product from you and transiting to customer And this work is done by the respective marketplace itself For example if your orders is from amazon So when put label on product and make it ready for ship The courier facility of amazon comes to you From wherever you operating courier person will reach you The courier facility of amazon comes to you And take the product and deliver it customer Same is for Flipkart ,snap deal they have same system Their own courier person come there And deliver the product to the customer And after 3-4 days when the product is delivered Then the amount of your product is automatically get reflected in your bank account And the amount which comes to your account is after all the deduction of their commission ,the remaining amount will be Transferred to your account So, this is how these system works So as this was the first video I tried to tell basic of e-commerce And if still you have any doubts Or you wants to ask something You can comment below And I will surely try to reply all and after this whenever i will share next video we will talk in details
About all the points From photography to the way of listing And how to generate more sales We will talk about this more in details In coming videos Til then stay with us and give us
All your feedbags through comments Till then thank you.

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  2. Very nice,, मेरे को भी ऐसा ही कंपनी खोलना,, ई-कॉमर्स के बारे में थोड़ा सा और जानकारी मिले तो अच्छा होता। thanks.

  3. इसकी पैकिंग वाली प्रोसेस हमको करनि पड़ेगी या ऐमज़ॉन वाले खुद करके देंगे।

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  6. Sir! Hum nike brand ka example le to, Amazon nike ke manufacturing company se connected hota hai ya nike ke factory stores se ? Aur yin stores par Jo seller hote hain woh job par rakhe jate hain ya , wo nike brand ka maal kharidke khud bechte hain? Sir! Plz rely me or make a video in detail explanation.

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  11. Hello ,, Amazon, Flipkart sabka alag alag email or phone no create karu ya sabka eki email or phone no se operate karna sahi hoga…

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  13. if i am a re seller and how i manage the order which product now aftr getting order not avilable on my wholeseller. how i manage that kind of order

  14. Can you explain, How refunded orders are managed between the online company and sellers … I mean like you mentioned that when an order is completed the online company transfers the amount (minus commission) to the seller … So likewise how is refunded orders are managed ??

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  16. Arjun,
    Please batao e- commerce business main starting Time main Kam Budget ke sath advertisement kaise Karen aur kaise maximum seller ko apne sath layen.

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  18. Great explanation.. got to know the basics after searching and going through many videos finaly here i came to know proper information. Thanks

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