How To Run A Successful Business – Like A Boss!

Carson, how we doing, bro? -Hey, man. How’s it
going? -Good. It’s good seeing you. -You too. -So, how are things cooking? -You know. -I
got to… So, listen. Today, I’m shooting a little video just coming into
the office checking in on the state of things. Purpose of videos to really
show people what it’s like to be a business owner versus an operator.
Because operators get tired I used to work 80, 100, 120 weeks. And I always just slugging and slamming bleeding. -You’re
the business owner. I’m the operator in this example? -Yes you are. You bleeding? -No. I don’t
get tired either. -But do you like what you do?
-Absolutely. -Carson has built the most amazing culture that people want to be
here. They want to get hired. They want to play. Like we were in there earlier
thought playing beat saber. VR going on. -Yeah. This place is
awesome. -Certainly a lot of fun. So, by the way, I
used to just work my guts out and you know, the purpose of being a business
owner means… And here’s the test: If you can leave your business for 2 months
and then check back in and everything is better than you left it, then you’re
doing something smart. Next year, I’ve taken multiple trips. I’m going to be gone
for 2 months. I’m about to be gone for 2 and half weeks. Taking the family out.
Going to Hawaii some other places. And so, Carson represents a theory. And that the
idea, the philosophy that I learned a long time ago after I was done burning
myself out was “If you want something done right, don’t do it yourself.” So… -What do you want to see?
-You know, I want to know what’s going on in real estate land. I want to know
what we’re doing the transacting deals. What’s going on in marketing? Let’s check
it out. -Okay. I mean all business is about people. Having the right people. And Tyler
Bennett’s actually here from the acquisitions team. -Awesome. Let’s go. let’s pop
it on and see how they’re doing. -I love Tyler. -Yep. And we may get a shot of the
production team that’s also sitting right here.
-What’s up, Josh. How we doing? Ty, how we doing brother? -What’s up boys? -Dude, thanks for being here
today. -Yeah. What’s the 411?
-Selling houses. -Yeah? Yeah. You know, right now exactly what I’m
working on is I’m reviewing a couple houses that are coming through the
system. The underwriting team just went through early and and did their thing on
it. So, I’m reviewing them to see if they fit the criteria to pass through and
we’ve got 3 clients that I’m hoping to close between now and the end of the
week which is Thursday afternoon right now. -Okay. So, you got 3 closings. -And….
-These are partners that are come to partners Kris? -Yeah. -Cool. -And
then we’ve gotten 200 contract today. So… -Alright. -We’ll try to do multiple
houses every day. -How are under contracts looking like for the week? -5, 6,
7, 8, 9 so far this week. -Okay, so the goal here is pretty simple. We’re
trying to work up to basically buying a property a day. So, nine under contracts.
They sometimes take longer than 30 days to close. But we’re certainly moving in
the right direction. -Yeah, absolutely. And behind every one of those under
contracts is a partner where we’re basically building and growing wealth
together. But you represent a massive team. How’s the team doing?
-Great. Yeah. Market is good, it’s strong. -Any slowdowns anywhere in any of
our key markets? Not really slowdowns. I was saying, some of our key markets
there’s a fight for inventory. So, we’re fighting harder now than we ever have
before. We don’t get every house that we that we chase. But we’ve got to be fast. We got to be nimble.
-So, move how many… Just so the people you watching this could know. How many
people do you represent here as the acquisitions team? Because I mean they’re
just seeing you. You’re not doing this by yourself. -Yeah. If I were to kind of put
each group in a different class, maybe. You’ve got all these acquisitions folks.
And I kind of break my my role down. Acquisitions is the flow of houses. So, if
we have people out knocking doors, doing mailers. Calling for sale/buy owners.
Scouring the MLS. Going to auctions, looking at REOs. We have dozens and
dozens and of those people in each market that we’re
in. -Okay. But then beyond that, we’ve got the property manager teams. Inside of
them we have the rehab, that repairs, the maintenance. We have the lending side of
things. We have the insurance side of things. So, kind of everything house
related. I mean you’re talking about hundreds of people at the end of the day.
-Yeah. Biggest problem right now you’re facing that’s costing us money? -That’s a
good question. I was in competition, Kris where from our side, we have this
infrastructure that we pay to go out and find all these houses. And you know, 6
months ago, we would underwrite 20 houses and we’ve narrow it down to maybe
6 that we want. And we get 5 of those 6. Right now, it may only be
getting 3 of those 6. -Alright. -So, it just cost us money, right? To go out
and find those houses… -People have caught on. They’ve caught on… By the way… -Some watching your YouTube.
-I know. But this is… Yeah, you guys are watching my YouTube… It’s a good thing though. I mean, bottom line is that
right now, you look at where we’re at in the market. And there’s more and more and
more competition as that increases. It’s just an indicator that the market
eventually has to turn incorrect. And you know, our average person’s price
right now is still sitting around what? -About 135. -Alright. So, we’re still
staying in that really low safe range. -Super positive. We’re going good. Things are
going well. -What do we got to do to hit record-breaking numbers on under
contracts? -If you’re in the process of buying, respond quickly. -Okay. -Really we’re
working really, really hard and going as fast as we can on our side. And the
quicker the information flows from our department through to the clients
buy and we sync up. The less houses we’ll miss, that’s how we can go faster. -So,
you may want to consider having a conversation with Cori, Cynthia and what
we can do to tighten up the communication with partners. -Yep. -Yeah. -One thing is
really neat is I looked up this list of just houses we put on her contract this
week is we have a lot of partners that are buying multiple houses. -Yeah. it’s awesome. -I appreciate the update. Good to see you. It’s been a while. Dude, its rocking. -Yes. -I
would love… I was looking at last month’s numbers. I’d love to see us
like literally focusing on a 10% growth every month for the next 6 months. -Yeah.
You met Devan, right? Devan are you on a call? He’s rocking it out right. -That’s team transformation
right there. -Okay, what else we got going on, man? -Let’s come on back here. How’s it
going, guys? -What’s up guys? What’s up? -So, in here… In here, we’ve got Luke and April. And
April runs the website and helps a lot with our marketing there. -How’s it going?
-Good. -How you doing? We’re shooting a little video today just kind of talking
about so many business owners struggle to run businesses for so many
years. I would just put in insane countless hours. And I was often
a hindrance to the business. So we’re shooting a little video here talking
about how do you run a business fluently. And one of the things that Carson’s done.
You weren’t really here pre-Carson, were you? -No. -Yeah. You know, Carson has
brought in like a pretty amazing culture. -Well, that’s something I actually wanted
to touch on Kris. If you talk about entrepreneurship and running a business
the smart way… And it comes down to hiring the right people. April is a
perfect example of this. -Yeah. -How many hours you work a week? -25 to 30. -25 to 30
because you are a mom. And you’d like to be able to spend time with kids. And yet,
you’re… Her output is worth the 40 plus. -I know.
You were running circles. I get nothing but amazing reports about how
incredibly you are and how you just get everything done. -More often than not,
April is following up with me rather than be following up with April. So,
that’s a perfect example of a sort of shining star. An employee who does not
add work to your… You know, what you have going on. But they… They’re constantly
taking away. And taking on responsibilities. -And you’re having a lot
of good ideas. Like, I see a lot of you’re like through the Skype threads. What one
of the ways that I stay in in tune is we got most of our team that are on these
Skype threads. And so, we probably have what? 10, 20 threads that represent all
the projects and kind of mini groups and clusters. And you’re always popping on
with like really awesome ideas. And I certainly appreciate that. -Do you… You
know, you’ve been here for what? A couple months? 3-4 months? -Yeah. 4 months. -Do you like it? -I love it.
-What is it you like about the culture that’s being built here? -You know, Luke and I were just talking about this. I love that I do something new everyday. I am not the kind of person who needs to be machine. That makes me bored out of my mind. -Me too. We share that in common. And it also makes me somewhat transient jobs. But here I manage the culture community. I do web stuff. I write. -Let’s talk about the culture
committee real quick. Yeah. So, we nominated April could be on the culture
committee. And what that means… -That’s why this place got so fun. -Seriously.
You get a group of people just tell them it’s their job to make sure that the
work place is awesome. -Come on in Colten. You can come in. And
April’s on that. And tell just tell Chris about Waffle Wednesday. I don’t know if
you know about Waffle Wednesday. -I have no idea what’s going on with that. But… -It’s a new
thing. I’m getting you know, the carb thing sounds like a downer. But… -No. We got caveat cakes.
They’re protein and we got keto’s. -Why don’t I not even know about this? -So, every Wednesday morning. -It started
yesterday? -No. It started 2 weeks ago. -Oh, we were at the retreat.
-Yes. Luke was there. But… -Was that your very first day, Luke? -First day. -First day here on
accident? -Yeah! That’s how a new employee should start. -Every Wednesday morning, we start. We make batter and then we start popping waffles. We got a double waffles. -People just come in, get a waffles. Start their workday. -We go fruit and ice cream. -What about chicken, though? The southern thing? Fried
chicken? -We can do that. -Alright. Alright. This is cool. This is… -So the culture committee has
been awesome. They’re really popping things like birthdays and fun activities
like that. -No, we saw that this morning. Like that was… That was… I heard about the
whole thing. That was great. Luke, you’ve been here for
like what a week? Week and a half or something? I know that you had act. My
brother Nick you know told me that you had some job offers on the table. -Yeah.
-And then you picked this over the others. Why’d you do that? -100% culture of this place. Interview, I was… It was explained to me that I would have
a bunch of different task that I can kind of tap my own phase. It was really performance-based. Get things done the way you like it to be done. And make sure they’re worth it. So, yeah. This wasn’t no-brainer. The other one’s we’re babysit a bunch of people, make sure you’re here 9 to 5. Clock in, clock out everyday. This isn’t like that. This is, “Let’s get things done.” And it makes sense. -Dude, one of the
one of the things that I really appreciate and like about you is we have
this new philosophy that we’ve been using for some time now that essentially
says, “Don’t do on-the-job training.” Hire experts. Hire people that know what
they’re doing. Hire people that are good at what they do. And dude, you’ve just come in hitting the ground running from day one like… To be honest,
I’m a little like I can’t believe what you’ve put out just in the last week and
a half since you’ve been here. You got things organized. You’re on top of things.
Got things are cranking. You’ve already produced like a whole video series,
masterclass series for one of our companies. Like that’s impressive. -Yeah.
Luke is another example of hiring the right person that just takes the load
off management’s shoulders. We, hire people with brains who are going to
tackle projects and bring new creative ideas and we give them license to have
those creative ideas. And honestly, Luke produces more results that you and I couldn’t do. -Yeah. -He’s it from a different perspective. So… -Well,
awesome, you guys. Hey, thanks for letting us barge in a little bit. Just to feel
the thermometer out. Dude, so glad to have you here. -Let’s talk to customer service and the
rest of our fulfillment department. -Alright. What’s up team? How we doing? -Hey,
guys. We’re going to stick a camera in your face again. -We’re shooting a little
video here just kind of about a lot of people on YouTube will ask me a question,
like, “How do you run so many companies?” And people always make this assumption.
They’re like, “Kris, you’ve got to be working these 8,000-hour weeks.” And
I used to. But I actually don’t do that anymore.
And that’s because I really learned. I think part of my arrogance used to say, “I
can do it all. I have to do it all.” -Get this. -Yeah I was going to say it’s feeling kind of warm in here. -Yeah. They got a fireplace going in here. -That’s good. It did get a little chilly
outside. -Okay. So, we’ve got Denise and over here Cynthia. And then we got Corey.
And they handle all of our clients and making sure that they have everything
that they need. Denise is amazing on the phone with people and doing customer
service. At the end, Corey are all over the real estate acquisitions. And yeah,
this office supports everything that we do. -And I just want to know. Just
Kombucha really tastes good? -Yes. -Because I just… I’m scared. I’m scared to try it. I’m
scared. That’s what they say. That’s what they say. It’s how it’s made, though. Good.
Awesome. Cynthia, how are things going with our partners? -Things are doing great. -Yeah. Good. I was just hammering with Tyler and
he said that we’ve got (I think) 9 under contract this week. I’m going to blame Corey
for that one. 9 under contract we’re looking in Thursday like… What’s up,
dude? That’s good. We’re finding the good deals. We’re making them happen. That’s
sweet. That’s good. Well, great guys. Listen, appreciate you guys. Thanks for letting
us barge in a little bit. Just want to ask this question: What do you guys think
in the new office? What do you think of the place? -Oh it’s fire. We love it. -And what do you think of him,
honestly? -Oh, wow. We’re doing this… We’re doing this on camera? They’re going to be too truthful if
they know… -No, that’s a good though. The reality is Carson does like 10 times
better job than I ever did. Maybe more. -Alright, guys. Thanks for this popping in.
Appreciate it. -Well, the only other person that would be here is Kris Milliner and
it’s his birthday and he had at home. Josh is out with clients today.
-Oh, he’s filling up the convention center. But Chris Milliner turned 35 today. Show
you his balloons. -And his desk full of power drinks. All those are… Oh, yeah.
He took another on the floor over there. So… Well, good. Chris Miliner’s office. And then
it’s a good place to end. And part of making a culture I think it’s just super
critical that you had the idea to put in a kitchen here that is like a full-on
kitchen. And people can eat and we stock the fridge and it’s just another way of
giving back to our people that work their butts off. -I want to now get
as awkward as I possibly can in this video. For those that are still watching
this, I want to get crazy awkward. My whole philosophy… I called you up and I
basically said, “Carson. I’ve paid my dues. I’ve worked my butt off. My arrogance
causes me to work way too much and kind of take on too much.” And I said, “I want to
dump it onto your shoulders. You now run this thing. Let’s incentivize you. Let’s build your compensation.” And frankly you know,
that I’m nowhere to be found in the mornings. Yesterday I was bombing the
canyon on my longboard with some buddies. And you know, I’m close to my black belt
in Taekwondo with my kids. And you know, I’m getting on a plane tomorrow morning to
Hawaii and so… You know, I’m doing a lot of travel. How do you… What’s it like for you
knowing, “Okay. The business owner that I’ve known for years now and have this
friendship with is like spending time now playing. Having quality of life focusing on some of those different things.” Now,
you’ve got this new added responsibility of like, “Okay, someone’s got to run the show.”
How do you feel about that dynamic? -I don’t mind it. I mean I’ve been with you
long enough that I’ve seen a lot of your ups and
downs in business. Seen a lot of the awesome things we’ve done in some of the
mistakes. And just trying to learn from them. And the biggest thing that I’ve
taken away is management and running a business, it doesn’t come down to how
hard you work. It comes down to the decisions that you make. -Yeah. -Right?
The decisions you make end up affecting everyone. And if you can make smart
decisions, everything just gets a lot easier. I feel like we’ve made a lot of
really smart decisions recently. And you’re not out of the loop on them. I think Kris paints a really awesome picture. And you have really let
go of the reins. But we counsel with you on all big decisions and your experience
in business for how many years. I mean it just comes in so, so clutch at the
important times we’re making decisions. Like, with the whole new team
transformation program. -Yeah. -That is just exploding. -Yeah. So, for those of you
watching. I think this is one of the final thoughts and I would share with
you. I was a business owner that was putting in so much time that frankly, I
wasn’t making the time to build relationships or connect deeply and
meaningfully with people because it was just too much work to do. And ironically,
I turn that over to you and you build a fantastic culture where the reality is I
think you’re working way smarter instead of harder than I was. I think that you certainly have your hard work moments. But I think that you’re doing a
really great job empowering people, trusting people, creating a great culture.
And then expecting… It’s like, “Hey, we demand excellence.” And so, be excellent
and then when you hit your excellence, go take some time or do what
you need to do or go have fun. You know, I wish I have been smart enough to figure
that out. But reality is you figure that out. And I… So, I feel like I’m like… I’m
the hero in my life. Like, “Yes. I don’t have to work as much.” But the reality is
you’re the Hero that makes it possible. Thank you for that. -And the funny thing
is I feel the same way. Like Derek does something amazing. That video that
went up on Instagram and Facebook that everyone was loving. I didn’t tell him to
do it. -Yeah. -But it’s amazing and then you come in and I get all the credit for it.
I mean I tell you Derek was the one that
did it. But I feel like, “Man, if we hire the right people, they’ll just make me
look good.” And then my whole job is to make you look good and and that way
everyone’s kind of pushing in the same direction. -Yeah. For those of you business
owners that are watching this, most you are working way harder than you actually
need to. What you need to do is actually figure out how to trust it empower other
people. If you’re worried that you can’t make enough money, you either might be in
the wrong business or you need to figure out how to do business with a higher
margin so that there’s enough room and love to go around so everyone can get
taken care of. I certainly appreciate this man because
he’s doing so much for just making it easy for me to be that business owner
that can be more of a board of directors. Come in, check in, provide advice. I still
get to shoot the YouTube videos. But outside of that, dude, you are freaking
crushing it and tearing it up. And I love that. So, ask yourself. Figure out what do
you need to do run your business like a boss. And chances are you might need to
let go and leave room for some other people to rise up. I think that’s going to
be one of the things that could really help you go to that next level. Thank you
so much for watching today. By the way, if you’re not a subscriber, fix that. Every
day we got a video coming out designed to help you improve wealth, your business,
your personal life. Everything real estate that can take your life to a
whole another level. And at the end of this video here, if you are new and you
don’t know a whole lot about me, I actually became financially independent
for the very first time at the age of 26. I’ve got a video popping up right here
and in the link below that will actually share with you exactly how I did it. Then
we went on to build this great company empowering a lot of other people and
changing the world. Maybe it’s your turn. Check it out.

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