Hong Kong Airlines Economy Food ► from BKK to HKG

Yes perhaps this in-flight magazine will contain ideas on what to do in hong Kong It’s going to be a two and a half to three hour ride So no time to waste let’s figure out which movie to watch does a Korean movie called the tunnel and my girl crush They do knives in it Not too long after brunch is served. The mini fruit bowl contained pineapple, honeydew and watermelon. We also got yogurt with Thai written all over it. The bottom of this croissant looks like a person sucking in their stomach. Turn that frown upside down! Strawberry jam to go with their carps. A white orchid adorns a lid of this cup of water. I cordially unveiled to you the curry chicken with rice and string bean. Tada! Bird’s-eye view. Parched I drink the H2o first. Now we get fruity. Amateur sweets, meaning that is not too sweet. How does the honeydew compare to the watermelon? An even more mature sweet aka mild in flavor. Last but not least the pineapple! Despite an expectation the pineapple is at least sweets. No worries! We have other munchies to look forward to.. Like the croissant. Which in French is Le Croissant. The edges are crispy and flaky. and it’s knowing carbs???????? Peekaboo! The gem has a straightforward childlike sweetness, a simple flavor. We segue onto the entree, curry chicken. Spicy and salty if you love rice be sure to use it all, I shall focus on the veggies. Time for dessert! These bits must be papaya! Hold up, I ran out of room on my boarding ticket. I resort to my baggage claim sticker. The yoghurt is sweeter than the fruit, yet mild compared to the gem. On to some shameless tooth. Picking if my second hand were free I’d cover my mouth. Hello, there Hong Kong. How you’ve been? Over a decade has passed since we last hung out in my previous trip. I visited with my mother this time. I’m solo yolo. Other passengers are excited to get off the plane and I’m excited to finish watching my film. Can we please extend this flight for another 30 minutes? Hope you guys enjoyed flying with me see you in my next travel video! Bye, bye!

100 thoughts on “Hong Kong Airlines Economy Food ► from BKK to HKG

  1. When i rode singapore airline i got the curry chicken rice but the curry taste different than that curry. but i perfer Singapores rice because it yummy

  2. LOL I bet other passengers were looking at you like… why is this girl filming her jelly lol? Thanks for the awesome review I enjoyed it.

  3. My favorite vids are these ones …………..

    Especially because I’m hungry now
    No but seriously I really love the food vids

  4. I like to watch your videos when I’m hungry 😋 just to make me want more food!but when I’m full I get jealous!…but I’m always hungry..

    (0-0) < me

  5. I know what airline is it hainan it was a really bad airline for me because they made us rush and our flight to Beijing was cancelled

  6. Man the way you film looks so awkward… I don’t know how to explain it. Other vloggers make it seem more natural but this is so forced

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  8. Oh my God I love rice so much that I eat two bowls of rice its super good and I sometimes eat it with vegetables and it's so good and my favorite food is Sushi I like it so much😌😌😍😍😍

  9. I’ve thought about if you were sat next to a youtuber you like on an airplane I thought about how cool it would be but it would also be really awkward cause after you talked to them and got a picture you’re just kinda next to someone you admire for hours but still if I say next to Mina I would ask if I could be in the video because I like reviewing the food in my head like how Mina does in the videos but then again I’m a middle schooler so she would probably not notice me because I would get to shy

  10. I wish I could attached my food pic from HK Airline from BKK to HK it was so sad 🙁 I was so disappointed plus no movies

  11. You should bring a journal in your carry on bag it would be handy instead of writig on everything else

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