39 thoughts on “Here are the major takeaways from the ‘Fed Listens’ event

  1. Another fake Powell news .80% Americans living pay check to pay check.Every week and must to choice pays for rent apartment or buys food or medicine.

  2. Constant investigations and Impeachment threats by the loser Democrats are helping drive America down (their goal).

  3. Unemployment falls to 3.5% and now Kudlow says there could be some "positive surprises"?! Amazing! Best economy ever!
    Just need to lower interest rates AGAIN and print some more money AGAIN. Seriously, this is stupid.

  4. Of course they are UP, it's the stock market

  5. Increase the COLA on Social Security, Obama chained it to a low index, we use to get the same cola as the federal employees and the military,Obama robbed SS, make it right ..it will stimulate the economy greatly

  6. Just think where it would be if the fed. Sec. would have listed to president trump and the dem. would stop their treasonous behavior

  7. Fed can’t keep the economy good. They couldn’t do it under Obama. FAIL. This is TRUMPS economy, NOT the FED!!! Hey FED , you represent Americans not Earthlings.

  8. Seems funny countries that have had to raise taxes to fund all there immigrants and social programs are failing. US CUT taxes and they are booming see a problem here.

  9. What about the USA's massive ever growing national debt? Sure, let me run up the government's charge card and I could make the economy look better too. But what is Trump's plan on paying down this nation's debt? Russia has already reduced the US Dollar as it's reserve currency. Which nation(s) might be next? And obviously more jobs is not reducing the debt. The debt is still going up even with more jobs.

  10. What's the takeaway ? The Rothschild's own America, and the Federal Reserve Bank 🔯 let alone …

  11. The only reason anyway just went up is because the Democrats fought for $15 an hour and pressured Amazon and Walmart to increase their wages I had nothing to do with Republicans in any way. Republicans would have helped maybe it would actually have helped the economy instead of just the 1% who got over 2 trillion in tax brakes. They scream our economy is awesome while they're taking absolutely everything away including our education Healthcare and and Social Security. The Republicans are fighting against the American people daily. I think they're robbing Us blind just like Putin did to Russia.

  12. Federal Reserve is not necesary with our current president. Trump is the one who is driving the economy, unemployment and low inflation, The Fed should never take credit for that.

  13. Federal Reserve must not take credit of our great economy, high employment, low inflation and high stock market, It is Trump, our president driving the economy on these levels.

  14. Thanks Mr Trump for the High records on our economy, employment and Market. Federal reserve has been agains our success.

  15. Aren't these the same goombahs tanking our economy for eight years under Obama, when Yeltin was the bunny set up to be the scapegoat? These guys didn't just show up playing "experts". They are the idiots who did it!

  16. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. No matter what Powell claims, the Fed is doing QE. The goal is to suppress interest rates to sustain debt and asset bubbles. The only difference is this time in won't work

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