Head of WTO warns COVID-19 outbreak may have substantial impact on global economy

international organizations are warning
countries of the global economic impact of the kovat 19 outbreak now this comes
as the OECD slashed its 2020 growth outlook for South Korea this year to
just 2% as Asia’s fourth-largest economy struggles to combat this spread of the
virus our kim yeon-ji reports the head of the World Trade Organization says the
Kovach 19 outbreak may have a quote substantial impact on the global economy
addressing the heads of delegations in Geneva on Monday
Roberta as a vet explained the issues will begin to show in trade data release
in the weeks to come however he added the WTO Ministerial meeting scheduled to
be held in Kazakhstan in June will proceed as planned
stressing that a successful outcome will be crucial to enhance the credibility of
the international organization the International Monetary Fund and the
World Bank said in a joint statement on Monday that they stand ready to help
members countries address the human and economic challenges posed by the
outbreak they said they will focus on poor countries that have weak public
health systems the European Central Bank also became the latest Central Bank to
hint at monetary policy action in order to mitigate the potential economic
fallout caused by the outbreak the vice president of ECB said Monday that the
bank will be closely monitoring all incoming data warning of an impact on
euro area exports as well as a disruption to global supply chains
meanwhile the OECD has slashed its growth outlook for South Korea this year
to 2% amid the rapid spread of the coronavirus in the nation this is down
from its previous forecast of 2.3 percent in November the York City
however forecast at the country would experience 2.3 percent growth in 2021
unchanged from its previous estimate the occ they also say that a South Korea
could face a relatively larger impact from the outbreak as is closely
interconnected to China with the world’s second-largest economy accounting for a
quarter of all souls exports the OECD said government’s must act immediately
to protect their people and businesses from the spread of the coronavirus
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6 thoughts on “Head of WTO warns COVID-19 outbreak may have substantial impact on global economy

  1. My friends- from the tenfold increase in natural disaster and unrest, to the foretold peace deals and building of the Third Temple, something huge is on the horizon. 📖🕰

    Friend, if you do not know Jesus- know that he loves you so much, and that he has peace, purpose, and a plan for your life. Let him be your life boat in the coming storm.

    And please, utilize the playlists I have created for you to gain a clearer understanding of where exactly the world is headed. There is so much we need to know about and so little time- and the time is now. Godspeed! 📖🕰

  2. The way I see it, every country is going to lose a ton of money so it is best to be as transparent as possible.

  3. Its spreading in the USA… my country, canada is next. Also, I dont live far from toronto, where this will start…

  4. Any president whose policy is overtly as well as entirely in favor of other country should be impeached, meaning whosever goal or plan overtly favor another country's agenda if not ideology over that of its own country, despite massive petition not to, should be impeaced, especially when president's decision on how to deal with current problem is instead putting his or her own citizen at a risk of getting sick ,so South Korea president should realize that south korea citizen started to realize the truth and there is bound to be investigation into how much help communist party had to invest not only to bribe south korean president candidate but also to help president get elected. There is no evidence ,so this entire statment is not a fact but opinion which most of south korean believe to be self evident in what is going on in a nation. What kind of president for free just give out much needed respiratory mask and biosafety suit necessary for dealing with virus to another country in the name of humane aid when its own people is desperate to get even one single mask and is suffering from the lack of mask and biosafety suit which eventually led to doctors starting to make their own home- made mask just to be able to get close to the virus- infected patient. And still mask is being sent out of South Korea? Why? Inspite of citizen 's urge to please stop just sending out those essential equipment to one specific country when price of those are skyrocketing mainly due to how less of them there are. People are dying simply because they keep contracting virus since there literally is no mask left either on market or on pharmacy, then why do president still order company to manufacture masks and send directly to china free of charge at that? Why? You dont care because presidency is limited to only one term? You dont have to worry about reelection? We ran out of sanitizer. We ran out of mask. We ran out of sanitizing soap. Even store dont have them anymore not at least at reasonable price because price went up already. Then why on earth did you have to collect as many what is left as possible only to send them out of country? And you even shut down petition not to by meddling with what is being searched on online? This is not checked fact or official true statement, meaning it could be wrong but just take a look at how corona virus is being dealt with.

  5. This virus is unstoppable. It infected on my country too, after villagers' guest from other country visited her home. She and his mother infected from the guest. Then mask selling are over price than we expected. Per box is about 2 millions

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