FOMC, US-China trade and Gold: The week in 60 seconds | FXTM | 07/10/2019

[Music] Hi folks is gonna be another busy week for financial markets. We have high-level Us-China trade talks, FOMC meeting minutes, inflation data from the United States, ECB meeting minutes and manufacturing production data from the United Kingdom. While all these data releases and events are important of course the main course will be the high-level Us-China trade talks. A breakthrough deal was unlikely, however an interim agreement by Trump to delay any increases of further tariffs on Chinese goods will be warmly received by financial markets. Looking at commodities gold continues to trade around 1,500 level. If the trade talks do fall apart this week don’t be surprised if Gold blasts higher towards the one five one zero and one five two five level in the week ahead. My name is Lukman and this is your week in sixty seconds.

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