Fogelman College of Business & Economics – Spotlight on Quality

The Fogelman College of Business and Economics
is proud to distinguish itself and to provide a spotlight on quality to the following unique
programs. At the Fogelman College of Business, we try
and educate the student in a holistic manner, which means that we include not only the business
discipline courses, but also the skills that are necessary for you to be successful in
the real world. The Complete Professional Program at the Fogelman
College of Business and Economics is a unique way to prepare students for transition from
the classroom to the workplace. I can honestly say everything that I have
learned in the Complete Professional Program, I have used. In this program, we have all different programs
that we came across both in the spring and the fall semester. I have completed the international Toastmaster,
the Dining Etiquette class, and various mock interviews. My goal for students is develop confidence,
so that they can interact with employers effectively, that they can land great internships, that
they can build career paths. This whole concept of Peer Power is also very,
very unique. Now we have the end of the year. So the idea over there is that there is a
student who has taken the particular course, has done very well in that particular course,
becomes a tutor for the current batch of students in that particular course. The peer power program in the Fogelman College
of Business is definitely focused toward quality of learning. The goal is to help students achieve learning
success and to help them stay dedicated to their academic journey. When you see the student get it is the moment
that a lot of us are always looking for. It is nice to be able to work with somebody,
and whenever that lightbulb comes on, it is just an amazing feeling. As a veteran myself, and since peer power
has extended us the opportunity to have veterans tutoring specifically for the veterans, I
definitely think that that is a positive thing to help veterans stay involved in school. Students work with these peer coaches to really
overcome learning obstacles, and by doing so, they not only learn more academically,
they become more confident, and they become more capable in being able to pursue a business
degree more effectively. The Morgan Morton scholarship is for students
to travel abroad to learn, whether it is through a formalized course, or through a project,
or through an internship. It is just encouraging students to go abroad
and learn different cultures. Our goal with study abroad is to make sure
we are helping students maximize their opportunities and by maximizing their opportunities globally,
they become much more competitive, they become much more capable, and they become much more
confident in being a successful candidate for todays growing global organizations. It has really helped my education because
it gives me the whole new perspective on everything, and it also helps with applying to jobs. I recently went for an interview and telling
that employer that I studied abroad over summer, really helped getting that interview. In the last decade or so, we emphasize research
like it has never been emphasized before. Quality faculty research is super important. It allows us to better connect with students,
to attract the best students, to attract the best graduate students, to attract and create
the best faculty, and to really demonstrate our value added in our impact to the surrounding
business community, which can further enhance our research by creating business partnerships. When you read from a textbook, by the time
the textbook comes out, it is already outdated, but what is happening with this briefing in
the Cook Analytics and Trading Lab via Oxford Analytica, is that you are getting real time
hot stories on a daily basis. The cook analytics and trading lab was set
up a year ago, and we have seen tremendous improvement in the education that we give
to our students. The lab has eleven Bloomberg Terminals for
the students to use. With our partnership with Oxford Analytica,
we get access to their daily briefs, the regional summaries the regional summaries on industries,
and the outlook, and that is a tremendous help to most students. It gives us certifications in Bloomberg, so
that is a plus, and it also allows us to get more comfortable with this type of environment,
because in finance everything is usually pretty fast paced, so this allows us to kind of get
up to speed. They are more engaged in the classes, and
the concepts are more fluent than fluid, because now they can not just read from the textbooks,
but see how actually the numbers move in the real markets, and that the learning has been
tremendous. What we are trying to do over here is, quote
unquote, get students to have the right attitude for being successful in the business world. So whether it is peer power, cook analytic
trading lab, travel abroad and other programs that we have, they all geared towards making
a student successful in the real world.

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