100 thoughts on “First Time UPGRADED to BUSINESS CLASS on Cathay Pacific Airlines to Hong Kong

  1. i’ve taken business class….was nothing like that!….but then again my flights were never longer than 6 hours ….I have seen move stars on flight ….that was cool

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  3. I wonder if he ever realizes how loud he’s talking, especially on a dark quite plane. I would be embarrassed af

  4. He was so nice for not using the Lounge only because they didn't allow filming. He could have just gone there either way without filming to get a little of relaxation.

  5. First time seeing your videos and I loved watching the first class but now I think, I wouldn’t mind going on business class 👍

  6. Good choice of movie Mike…that's my all time fav too! I didn't realize who that kid was until you pointed it out 😃 Wish I will get an upgrade on my next flight to Asia 🙏 Thanks for sharing your experiences with us 😉

  7. Have you ever thought about getting a priority pass so you can always get in a lounge even when in economy? If you travel a lot it’s a decent investment

  8. You get the award for the best food eater I've ever seen., any cooking grandma would be proud to claim you!

  9. Am I the only one who has the urge to shush him when he was talking and the lights were off? I felt like he's talking really loud. lol but it's fun watching your videos! New Subscriber here! Also you remind me of Jackie Chan. lol

  10. Imagine that it’s your first time buying a business class ticket, you are pumped . You go to the lounge and then you see this weird guy holding cameras trying to come in the lounge, you don’t thing much of it and just ignore it.
    You board the plane and that same weird guy is seating in front of you and before the plane even leaves he is already ordering all the food on the menu, you just ignor it and think he is hungry.
    You are sleeping enjoying the night and then all the sudden you hear it ohh yeah that’s the good stuff, and you can’t sleep anymore
    That guy was me lol
    Love your vid though gj

  11. I never flew in a class other than economy sometimes premium economy. But last month, when I check in, because of computer problem, my seat was double booked so the airline apologized and upgraded my seat to business class for free. But it was only 1 hour flight but still.

  12. I feel like the Chinese lady who sat beside him during the flight felt kinda annoyed o_o If I talked like this during a flight, I would've gotten shouted at million times by the Chinese ladies

  13. The one and only time I've ever been upgraded was when flying for work (business class). Got the magic words "Mr blah blah you've been upgraded to first class". I tried to keep my cool but failed miserably 🤣😁

    Also, as I tend to fly Singapore where possible they literally NEVER upgrade unless operational requirements mean they need to (ie. pretty much never! ).

  14. Don't take free flights in exchange for free flights. The guys who do that have no credibility and are not respected on YouTube.

  15. Sewwwww I was looking at the Machiya (houses) & all of a sudden I see you, well 4 or 5 videos of you so far now… & I am enjoying the heck outta watching you fly, eat, checking out bathrooms… Love your presentation. How about this "Came for the food, stayed 'cause of you" . Now I have to go make some traditional sushi rice, Yes not a one sushi place in the USA so far has made anything but steamed rice for their sushi & that sucks ! (Yeah, that video was a few back, just the same… Time to cook 🙂

  16. no worries we like to see the different foods more then the lounges. I don't know if I would opt to pay for first class even if I could lol.

  17. Going to be flying Cathay to Bangkok from Phoenix, if Im flying with a friend is there a way to talk to them? seems like your isolated in your pod lol.

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