Financial Planning Alumni Profile – George Brown College

[piano music] I came to Canada in 2001
when I finished high school in China. Then I applied and got accepted
to University of Western Ontario. I received a degree in finance. After graduating from Western,
I feel I have a very solid foundation of understanding
what finance is really about, but I felt like I need
the extra push. I thought to myself,
I am a people’s person, and I definitely want to go more
into the financial service industry. My name’s Jing Jing Yang.
I went to George Brown College in 2006. I took the program of postgraduate
certificate of Financial Planning. Before making my final decision
about which colleges I want to go to, I talked to my best friend Eric. At that time he was attending
George Brown College. George Brown certainly
make me feel very welcomed. Coming from a different, uh, background
and coming here, uh, every time I visit a student centre,
every time I talk to different professors or people at the school,
they’re always, always make sure that, you know, I feel supported,
I feel, uh, welcomed. Right before I graduated,
I start sending out resumes and try to network with,
uh, people that I know. I received more than ten interviews
from different companies and I received three offers, um, plus the offer
that I received from Sun Life. When I started with Sun Life in 2007,
I started as advisor. In March 2010,
I was promoted to be a sales manager in, uh, in the Markham office. My main responsibility right now would be
recruit and train new advisors. As a recruiter now, I often go
to different colleges and universities and different job fairs trying to look
for the new talents for our company. Uh, George Brown always has
a very special spot in my heart, and this year I was
very honoured to be invited back to meet with our, uh, students, and certainly I was impressed
by the quality that they present. Last year we had a success of,
uh, hiring a George Brown graduate. This year, we’re in the process of hiring
three more George Brown graduates. [Angela Fennelow] At Sun Life
we’re really happy to say that we have a good, strong relationship
with George Brown College. Um, and over the years
that I’ve been, uh, working and recruiting in selection,
we’ve seen a number of, uh, quality candidates
coming from George Brown. We have been really excited to see them
come to our company and succeed. Um, and we think a lot of that
is a result of the programming, um, that’s provided
by George Brown. [Jing Jing] This program not only
is just gonna prepare you for a job in the bank
or a stock brokerage firm – it will just give you
so much more.

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