I want to challenge you… I think you should
have one strategy for each investment… An entrepreneur or a person
that’s driven, I was trying to learn different things. So, I’m really in love with
investments right now yeah so I being study and I’ve been
investing my own money yeah in stocks yeah do you do day
trading swing trading or by holding now is more swing yeah I’m never really they
trade then you have to really sell off everything in the same day yeah that
doesn’t suit me and and also the risk I’m taking is I know what to look for so
I think you have to find a strategy that works buy and hold some say it works but
I feel that many companies are not in business for 10 years now we have many
companies coming and going so buy and hold yet could be yeah a few companies
of course you can yeah I have that them so let’s say you buy a stock and you
feel that ok the team I believe in the team I believe
in the product or the services ok I I believe in their business model and I
think this is relevant for the future and then you buy but then of the three
years competitors come and you see that the world is changing then you have to
make the same emotional decision okay the team they change the CEO the product
is it really that relevant anymore or maybe they’ve done something that you
feel that this is not my cup of tea I don’t want to be part of this if they
do this let’s say money laundry or burnt clothes or whatever you feel like no
this is this is not something I want to support or they are not sustainable they
are not equal you know and then you make the same decision emotionally that no
just so you mean to sell okay yeah yeah so you have to have
then because sometimes we want to make investing of all about figures
it’s about people what is there why what does this am for and I think it’s very
important to to also give this emotional value to the to the shareholders to do
what is your why I mean how can you be relevant and and how how will you be on
top of things um and and what is your business model
and and you know how will you create well how will you create value yes it’s
not like you go there and invest and you know exactly you’re not part of it yeah
exactly yeah so either you can all start your own businesses or maybe can find
three five companies that that you take on as your own company yeah and we
invest in them and you follow them closely and and then you can also put
pressure you can go to the shareholders meeting you can ask questions into the
management team yeah and really say okay you know what about this how will you
solve this or how do you see this obstacle is yeah and also okay how can I
contribute to a better world okay I can I can support science mmm yeah I can
make a difference with my money yeah yeah and then it’s not only about risk
and reward it’s also about make it making a difference really great to me
and you can get you know the best of all worlds yeah if but in one investment
yeah how come we are not questioning the stock market because many of the
companies on the stock market they are startups mmm yeah startups maybe don’t
they don’t even have a product they haven’t start selling they are not they
haven’t commercialized and so you don’t know if they have the distribution
network if the product will sell and things are they in mmm-hmm okay so what
can I expect as a shareholder if I invest now when will I have my return of
investment because we have this volatility
goes up up and down and and if you know exactly what you have invested in then
you won’t be so or fade for the absolutely they have money I believe in
the product I believe in the team okay I know that they are doing this and they
have this proven of concept this proven concept yeah and then you say okay yeah
because the the share price is driven by two things it’s the confidence in the
company and expectations of the company yeah so maybe you don’t know so much but
you have a huge expectation of the company this has potential or this
person have invested you know on this board he invested I believe he can make
a due diligence you know finance me finance minister of Sweden former but
but and then you say okay he invested oh this must be good but that’s not enough
you have to see a few more things before you not only follow follow other people
yeah and then they created hype you know pump and dump
we have that so and you have to be able to see through that I see and and and
also when when the stock price is going up the volume is going up and it’s time
for it to sell because we all yeah it will because it goes like this and and
then you can buy again people buy buy buy so the stock price go up and they
Baba by and then you know it came the downside yeah can be very very fast and
and and you know so I think it’s very important to find a business and maybe
the volume is not there and the price is very cheap and and you buy and then you
say okay now other discover this company yeah I found it first and then you know
the volume is gone then yourself yeah then it goes down and then you buy again
I want to challenge you yeah yeah I think you should have one strategy for
each investment so okay you have you you buy this company after okay
what do we know know about Apple okay we loved their products and we believe
in the company they are not following trends they are creating in the trends
yeah and they are innovative they are recruiting talents and letting them be
creative with all this do we think that apples still will be able to create
trends coming ten years yeah I believe so
okay so I can invest that that can be very much buy and hold okay yeah so
doesn’t one strategy yeah and then I have like a and a company that is like a
research company for something like cancer and I I feel that okay I believe
in this team and and you know I really want to find solutions for this problem
and you know that the the risk is higher but also the reward yeah and then you
can have one strategy for that invest nicely so so it’s not about it’s not
black and white because we can so let’s say you pick five companies in different
phases for different reasons why you buy it but you but you really follow them
closely then you can have different yeah multiple time I like it yeah so but
we always want to create rules you’re everything we are like that but but this
is that the world is changing the companies are changing the challenges
are changing so we also have to adjust more now so yeah just to buy and say
okay in 10 years everything will go perfectly I don’t have to look at it it
doesn’t work anymore so let’s say autonomous vehicles for
example okay we know that that will come so maybe you invest in several companies
within that field or you know robotics that will come yeah okay what are the
best you know interesting companies within robotics and you know what have
done they done before maybe multiple exits they have money they have
knowledge they have network they have track record so and then it can maybe
invest in through three of them yeah but to find them
early and then follow them closely and then grow with them it grow William but
it but also take emotional decisions and you know like okay now I don’t believe
in this anymore just sell take the loss don’t whine you know take that yeah yes
yeah yeah so what do you think about banks yeah you do yeah do invest in
banks or do you what do you think it’s a it’s something that will disappear or or
they are I think I think the challenge is I mean FinTech is moving really fast
and and with blockchain and so on we are very traditional so we will you know
still use banks but I think we are used to having like apps and and different
providers we don’t have one bank and we are not loyal we can just change bank
and and if you look now at no dia that moved many people said no okay I don’t
want to be part of this it’s not Swedish anymore you know they are selling you
know of the company and also sweat the bank what what happened now I think many
people feel like okay I don’t want to be part of this because
how they you know handle the whole situation with with media and everything
and I say okay you know too many you know changes of the CEO you know too
little could control or whatever and so so I think they feel take we have many
you know fast footed FinTech that that will really really be a challenge for
the banks and yeah and and also the digitalization that will come even more
so we program yourself to not rely on other people don’t trust anyone trust
yourself and and learn and be curious and and this is so fun to actually make
investment make a difference with your money but also have enough so you can
you know choose your life and your work situation and we
live so there are so many opportunities available if you just put a little bit
of work in it and and I will I will teach some methods how we can make this
easy and fun and maybe I’ve heard that I twist around things so I see it from a
different perspective so I want you to see how can you think differently and
and and and trick your own brain to to be able to to really have have you the
life that you dream of Cornell is gonna be one of speakers at outside comfort
zone she will be speaking about abundancy finances and stock market I
work for you and I encourage you to come to outside conference on 13 of September
I see you my friends right

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