Finance for Non-Financial Managers

hello my name is Jim chauvin I’m an instructor here in the finance department at St. Thomas. My name is Brian Regan and I’m a member of the finance faculty at St. Thomas. What we hope to do is marry our industry experience to give you guys hands-on practical experience most non-financial or non-accounting people really lack a skill set about basic understanding of financials. How to read them, how to use them. and how to participate in a more meaningful way around financial decisions and that’s what they’re learning here are those core elements. I am an engineer by trade so I don’t have a lot of financial background and they can define all these concepts in practical applications. We have participants from different kinds of companies, some service companies, some product companies, some technology companies, healthcare. All of them still have the same need, it needs basic fundamental understanding of financials These companies do different things and therefore participants have seen these financial issues come up, but in a different context for one another They’re bringing a lot of their questions from their specific jobs that were applying the information we’re learning about and I think they’re getting a good value and take away. It’s given me a lot of tools in order to look at different things and figure out what is the most viable project and what would help the company in terms of growing or value proposition bringing cash flows in so that I can make a better decision if we can’t take all the projects, which one should we focus on which ones we prioritize based on the risks and the resources that we have available at the moment. When they go back to their jobs, people are going to notice something different, they’re gonna ask different questions, they’re going to contribute in a more value-added way, they’re gonna do their jobs better and if we’ve done our job right. Your performance is going to be better. It is very hands-on, all of us are engaged in asking questions, the instructors, they have a lot of practical knowledge not just from their own work experience but they seem to know things about lots of different companies. We were managers trying to educate our marketing, sales, ops people what’s the best way to get these concepts. This is exactly the type of seminar we would send our people to. It should be high energy, interactive, lot of class exercises so you walk away with a real usable skill set. I need to know how to hit the ground running with it and what applies and what doesn’t and I feel like that’s the way they have tailored this class. A lot of the programs in the Executive Education over here at st. Thomas are really designed to give people the confidence, whether it’s in operations or finance or other areas to be able to connect with other team members and their companies. In the end what we want is our students to take back to their businesses something that’s going to help them do their jobs better. I told a friend of mine this might actually be a game changer for me

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