Evidence to support your student finance application 2019/20

If you attend uni or college and apply for
student finance, you’ll probably be asked to give us some evidence to help us work out
how much you can get. It’s extremely important that you give us
the information we ask for. If you don’t, we can’t process your application, which
means you won’t get your money. There are usually two types of evidence we ask for. Proof of identity The first time you apply for student finance,
you’ll be asked for proof of identity. By giving us your valid UK passport details when
filling in your application, this means you don’t have to send us your actual passport.
If you don’t have a UK passport, we’ll ask you to send us your non-UK passport or
UK birth certificate. These should be originals. We’ll return them to you as soon as possible. Financial details In other circumstances a photocopy will be fine. For instance, if you’re applying for
student finance that depends on your household income, we’ll ask your parents or partner
to give us their National Insurance numbers so we can check their income. They might also
need to send us photocopies of financial evidence, such as a P60 or payslips, which we’ll securely
destroy once we’ve finished with them. Remember, your application isn’t complete
until we have all the information and evidence we need, so it’s important you understand
what we’re asking for and send it to us as soon as possible. This will help avoid
any delays to your application and also help make sure you get your money
in time for starting your course.

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