Economics Internship Program

-I was an intern at the 8 Mile Blvd. Association which was a small nonprofit located on 8 Mile. -This previous summer I had the opportunity to work at the Citizens Research Council. It’s a nonpartisan, nonprofit government research firm. -I did my internship at the US export Assistance Center. It’s a branch of the US Department of Commerce. -Some of the assignments I had, I had to research the state senators and state representatives and kind of look at who is the best to work with for the organization. I researched federal, state and local grants to see which ones would be best to apply to and then made a calendar so they could effectively know when to apply to those and also worked with some other smaller projects throughout the year like the first Detroit Home Expo and their community garden and actually had my own idea I was working on which was to get solar panels on businesses along 8 Mile. -My main project over the summer dealt with income data for the state of Michigan and we tried to see different pockets of wealth or poverty in the state over borders and maybe address why these pockets existed. -So I assisted other trade officers and doing research and finding different data and information about a certain country or certain region of the world so that way they can give their clients the best estimate of where they achieve success in the global market to export their products. -During my time with the CRC the skill that I really think I learned the most was continuing my Excel knowledge. I had had previous knowledge before but primarily during my time of the CRC I was able to learn little shortcuts and tricks that helped me improve my speed on gathering data. -A lot of data analysis was used, that’s one skill that I learned. When I took stats I was like I don’t know when I’ll ever use this in a class and in real life but that internship was really, really heavy on stats. Writing, you got to be really good at writing. I encourage all students take advanced writing classes and learn how to write professional memos and emails. -I learned how complex that local and state economics and politics are. The amount of work and detail that goes into it, I’m mostly interested in national level, so seeing how intricate that the local and state level politics and economics work, you had to know what sectors of the city there were, all the main players and you always had to worry about like incentives for those people. -I was able to use a lot of the skills they learned in the classes I’ve taken here. Specifically, the class that helped me the most was ECON 305: Statistics. -A lot of stats were used inside their other coursework like you hear different terms being used like FDI and exports and imports and consumption patterns, real wages, just a bunch of ECON terms that like if you never take an ECON class you but you probably would be like you know what are they talking about. -This internship did help me learn more about career options. I had never previously had a job in the public sector, so it really did broaden my knowledge to different research positions or policy positions that are offered. -There’s so many options available or job opportunities available, that’s one thing that I learned is you can do so much in the government sector. -My director definitely helped me look at career options for the future and him and the staff there are what I would say are 100% dedicated to helping me in the future. -What I liked most about my internship was independence I was given. Previous jobs I’ve had, I felt more micromanaged but over the course of this internship I was different projects and deadlines but at the same time I was able to work on my own. -The one thing that I liked the most was how much they incorporated me into the daily functions like in terms of like attending trade shows and attending meetings with like government officials. I never felt left out, I never felt like I was an intern, you always feel like you’re part of the team. -Just to see the work that you put in there actually be implemented into a report, into a presentation, that happened to me several times where I was asked to do some research or some data and then I’d later see that data presented to an audience you know either at a trade show or at a conference. -The things I was most proud of were probably the smaller projects rather than the stuff behind the desk. So looking at the grants and looking at the state senators representatives was really insightful but helping organize the first Detroit Home Expo and working with them at the community garden and the solar panel idea I had really kind of, was like kind of grassroots kind of thing. You got to see your work being done there. -I would recommend the ECON internship to my other peers and classmates mostly because being in the classroom is something I’ve been doing for 20 years so getting some real-world experience was very, very beneficial in my opinion. -I would absolutely recommend my economics internship to my classmates. It was a great experience. You meet a lot of different people, you learn a lot of different things, you’re able to expand your horizons and develop skills that are very, very attractive to employers. -Oh yeah, 100%. The people I worked with were super fun to work with, I learned a lot and they invited me to basically everything they did. They were really interested in helping me develop as a person and hopefully helping me with my future career.

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