Economics and Finance – a winning combination

My name is Stephanie Parsons and I’m
a Griffith University commerce graduate. For me when I was in high school I was
really passionate about the math and sciences, and I wanted something to study at university that would apply the same sorts of skills that I was learning in these sorts of subjects like analytical report writing, quantitative
analysis and public speaking, but in a different context and so for me economics and finance
was the answer.
I was in High School around the time the GFC happened and it
really got me thinking, why would something like this happen and
how can we stop it happening again, and that’s when I realised that studying
economics and finance at university will help me to answer those questions help me to answer those questions. When I started my Griffith commerce degree,
I realized that it was very straightforward to add a second major without adding
any extra time to my degree, so I decided to add the economics major my finance major for me I find economics and finance
complement each other really well and I think double majors act
as a signal to employers that you’re highly motivated
student and are able to analyze problems from different angles and perspectives My Griffith commerce degree has helped me gain
a graduate position at the Reserve at Bank of Australia in Sydney to start next year. I’ve also had the opportunity to
complete a number internships during my Griffith commerce degree, the
highlight of which was working at the Queensland Government as part of the Griffith economics
internship program.
Being part of this Griffiths honors college has enabled me to develop
my leadership skills attend professional networking events,
undertake volunteering activities and also travel, Griffith University
when you know more you can do more.

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