Divyam Shah, BS Economics ’19, Deloitte

[MUSIC] Hi, my name is Divyam Shah,
and I’m majoring in economics. I will be working at Deloitte as
a business technology analyst in their Chicago office. As a business technology analyst,
I’ll be working with other consultants and management consultants with Deloitte
to solve business problems for large companies through technology. What I really look forward
to in my new career, would be learning something
new everyday on the job. In consulting, I get to learn
something new with each project. Each day I meet new people, I work
with different clients year round, and with each interaction I get
to learn something new. Krannert gave me several opportunity
to really explore myself in where my interest lie. Coming in as a freshman,
I didn’t know what I wanted to do. There are two main
organizations that I looked at, one was the consulting community and
the other one was the finance community. I really liked doing this thing
called case completions, and as I did more case completions,
I kind of realized that, wow, this might be something that
I’m really interested in. Case competitions is like a mini
consulting internship program that’s about a week long, and that really helped
me propel my career in consulting. I think my overall experience here at
Krannert was extremely fulfilling. I got to learn a lot from
different professors. I had amazing extracurricular
activities that I participated in. Not only case competitions, but I also
participated in a lot of finance workshops and finance events, and I feel like
Krannert made me a well-rounded individual before I head
into the workforce. [MUSIC]

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