100 thoughts on “CS:GO Economy Guide – Common Mistakes

  1. 6:38 The team knows what they are doing. That guy with P250 has confidence to win against ak or smg rushing dude. CT side is losing, T side as awper. They definitely needs a awper badly.

  2. Kjaerbye bought a helmet because it was 350$ instead of the full 1000$ because he wasn't damaged that round

  3. sometimes we not buy for our team because….they…fucking…retarded
    and where do you find some retard ?….play solo…in….competitive…with unknown player.
    who always buy anything all round, win or lose…..have 4k, but instead buy deagle, and full armor and full grenade…..die, next round….
    and then he command team to buy expensive weapon rifle / awp…..going rush….and die instantly….we talk to not rush and play team and he say "SHUT UP IM KNOW IM DOING NOOB"
    if you guys many times play solo competitive, you know what im talking about.

  4. 4 million vac ban given in less than 200 days and you… all of you, still that there is hope for it. Hide skill matchmaking rank and see what is happening. See the real community.

  5. Sorry , but if my teammate is going 2 and 16 and he asks for a drop….. I ain’t wasting my money on that fool. Especially if I have dropped for them before and they don’t do anything, but die right away and give the enemy team a gun. Edit: AND I SURE AS HELL AIN’T DROPPING FOR SOMEONE WHO BUYS WHEN THE TEAM CALLS FOR A SAVE.

  6. If my money is my teams money then why does each player have an amount instead of the money being in a pool?

  7. So here is my question if some nooob or bot player asks a gun from u will u give it to him?and u know he cant even control the recoil of guns.

  8. They're Pros my team is different from them so we still end up losing because of this one guy who mics all the time just because he needs a gun and few seconds hes dead and then asking for gun on the other round like WTF and he get pissed when someone doesn't give him a weapon

  9. Picks up the awp when the rounds ends leaves ak47 asks who wants awp no one wants (cries in memories of playing whit the ak 47)

  10. "if ur friend jumps off a cliff, jump off with them" 😂 in all seriousness though great video. learned a lot 🙂

  11. Rather you watch these vids to learn how to properly buy shit in the game or you watch them for fun they're still awsome and likeable XD,honestly i didn't understood HALF or more than that of what you said in this vid,and what i understood i knew already,still i loved watching the vid XD

  12. I just had the dumbest idea, a communist mode. Each team has their own pool of money, and they all have to share that single pool

  13. me: plays without hedset, nvidia drivers havent been updated since 6 months ago, buys ak as soon as i can, rush b on dust 2 casual server, always 1st place

  14. Me: "*entername* can you buy me an ak so we all have money next round?"
    Teammate: "NO" buys awp, dies first and leaves me with a glock

  15. Always drop a weapon for your teammates. That's what i do even if i cant buy for both of us.

    Edit: I know that sounds kinda weird. I'm still silver 1 btw :(.

  16. >Be me
    >Stuck in Silver after a break from CSGO
    >Put in with team of children and god complex wielding assholes
    >Halfway through match
    >Lose 3 rounds in a row but somehow teammates still have enough money for full buy
    >Ask for drop
    >Mfw no response
    >Round starts
    >Me with USP-S + armour (no helm or utility)
    >Entire team wiped out in the first minute
    >Pick up dead teammates M4
    >Feel all teams eyes on me
    >*Let's do this*
    >#Killing spree
    >Get the ace
    >Only got hit for 32
    >Teammates cheering, kids screaming, god complex assholes just muttering 'Nice'
    >Teammate asks me to drop his M4 back to him
    >*Yeah, no, go fuck yourself*
    >Mfw carried the team after stupid strat play
    >Mfw voted off team because I wouldn't drop

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