Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala Malayalam Movie | Scene 17

Kavya My dear children?! I am leaving children Dear father, please don’t go Is that okay? – Continue
– Dear father, please don’t go Stop it
I must leave You may want me to stay
But your mother doesn’t Dear father, please don’t go Okay, I won’t For your sake I won’t
You are my children How can I go when
you insist I should not I will help you
learn your lessons – Please don’t go
– Enough come Which subject are you weak in? Okay, forget that Let’s do some dictation Take your pens
and be ready Write I have committed
mistakes, only mistakes I left this house in a moment
of helplessness and confusion But my heart inside
those saffron robes… …were only for you and children I prayed with all my heart
only for your sake It is human to err Can’t you give me
another chance ? I will show you the new me
with the rest of my life – Please don’t go father
– Be quiet! Even if I want to go away and
not pester you, the kids don’t allow I can’t blame them How long can they be
alienated from their own father Didn’t you hear them? Asking me not to leave? What should I do?
Tell me? Where did you teach them this act? At school?
Or on their way to school? Act? Aren’t you ashamed? First a drama, calling
your friends home Another drama with the kids What are you trying convince
donning with this fool’s role? I have gone through a lot
Suffered a lot I am trying to make ends meet
slogging day and night Won’t you allow us to live in peace?
Tell me…won’t you? What are you gaping at?
Go sit and study Already learning
father’s dirty tricks Crying? Do you even know
how to cry? But, even if you cried
for a whole year… …it won’t come anywhere
near the tears I have shed Shyama, now I am at peace I know you can live
without any body’s help What you said was true Why should I hang around
here like a fool and a pest I won’t come before you again I’ll promise you This is not like before I won’t come ever again Goodbye I have a doubt
Clear it and then go Why did you cry just now? – Because I felt like
– How? You made me, Shyama You cried because of my
indifference last 3-4 days, eh? When you neglected
us for last one year… …did you think I was laughing here? Going away?
Where to? My parents asked me
to divorce you People asked me
to get married again But all those times,
I hugged the kids… …with the hope that their father
will return one day Go away! Go!
Go leave us and go! A sculpture exists in every rock We realize that only
when the sculptor… …chisels out a figure out of it The sculptor that chisels out
our rights from wrong is experience In every phase of life
we assume a new role At one phase
we become revolutionists Rebel against parents Deny existence of God Become idealists We may become believers again Later we become philosophers In the end we give up on that also It is only after many such changes
we become our real selves

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