Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala Malayalam Movie | Scene 16

Such a relief
At least you got your job back Thankfully, I had applied
for leave for one year That was clever of you Otherwise you’d have
taken to begging now What is your basic pay now? Rs 1350 – Rs 2300 And with allowances? Rs 4630 That’s more than enough Rs 4639 will do
Right? That is more than enough
for 2 people to live on But we are not 2
We are 4 including the kids Which kids? I meant you
and your new wife New wife? Yes
Your old wife doesn’t want you I saw your old father He asked me that,
if I ever met you… …to slap
the wits out of you But I can’t do that Because If I did, you might
become a better man You must never become better You must go on like this As a role model
to other husbands… …who reject their family
Roam around as a vagabond And I want to enjoy
seeing your plight Tell me what’s the matter Johnykutty? – I am sure the world is round
– Who said so? The people on the other side
should fall off Tell me the issue
Don’t stress me out Surprises must be
seen to be believed Aren’t you stunned? Our Vijayan Without his beard, ashes and beads
Our good old Vijayan I have gone through
a lifetime of experiences… …of which I have no memory A world of illusion
This is a rebirth I have not seen anything better
than what used to be Shyamala is waiting for you
Send word to Joseph’aetan Send someone
to get cashew fruit booze We must have a blast
like we used to I simply can’t believe this Hey Vijaya, you idiot Shyamala
Aren’t you happy now? I knew long back
that he’d return Why are you here? Look, we are ready Give the eggs to Shyamala
Omelets will do I don’t understand
why you are here – What’s in the bag?
– Bottles…cashew brew This is not a bar
Nor am I the old Vijayan It’s true that I have
given up on celibacy But the new Vijayan will not
return to the old wayward life Go away Go away this minute – Are you acting out a drama?
– Be quiet I have joined school
I am a responsible I am a responsible
family man now I won’t drink
even if my head is cut off I’ll beat the daylight out of you Didn’t you say we must
get together like old times? This poor man went
and got everything Don’t lie!
Aren’t you ashamed of yourself Haven’t you had enough
ruining my life? Shyama, I hate these guys
Ask them to get out You rascal…! It’s okay Usman’ikka
We came believing him Now you say you did not ask us, right? We have plenty of place
in the brick kiln Why come to this vagabonds place Be quiet
I want to kill him This happens to be
your home premises But when you come out
I’ll deal with you then Leave me!
Come! They are lying
I invited them it seems Won’t allow a man
to become a better person Does deterioration make
someone a better person Why did you say that? I have not given up meat
But I don’t drink or smoke I am the old guy
Full of fun and jokes… …and I come back Shall I begin? Shall I make you
laugh like before? I feel disgusted!
How can you stoop so low? Haven’t you harassed us enough?
Wants to make us laugh now! Can you please drop the kids here? I want to buy them a few things I will drop them off myself Father, why don’t you come home? Didn’t you see?
Mother won’t even talk to me Never asked how I was
Or when I came Now there is only one way I will come home this evening I’ll call both of you And say I am leaving What will you say? You must say Please don’t go father You must not allow me to go
whatever I say or do Understand? I can’t think of any other way

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