Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala Malayalam Movie | Scene 10

Master? Please understand The teacher who joined
your leave vacancy position… …is now preparing
the kids for their exam Why do you want join now
and harass those kids? I must join right now Why don’t you understand? Let me tell you something I don’t believe it, but
I must confess what I heard There is talk that after Sabarimala
you have completely changed First of all, do away
with this attire and beard Then come and join That is impossible! If Lord Ayyappa is with me
I will get into class and teach Master! Shyamala!
Wait a minute I’ll be back Nothing to worry Vijayan master came back
after a long gap Good thing We call the school
a temple of learning But can rituals of a temple
be performed in school? Prayers instead of lessons
Talks only of God Will that not create issues? It’s not Hindus alone
who come to school We have Muslims
and Christians children You must come to school He simply refuses
to listen to our pleas He says Shyamala
asked me to go to school He insists that until she says so,
I won’t come out of class I will come sir Please see he does not
come to school like this I will be there in school I went to the brick kiln
and to the club I was told I’d find you here What’s news Nair? Want to join us for a round? What are you saying Usman’ika? How can you invite
decent people of the town? Why else has he come
looking for us? All of you have together
ruined that guy’s life What more do you want? Reform us?
Come, do your job He was a normal guy
You made him insane I am not saying
we did the right thing But only now we realize… …we popped into our mouth
more than what we could chew We are in a fix now
trying to reform him I was thinking about this
when I got this notion that.. …as your friend
don’t you feel bad for him? We do feel bad
But what can we do? You can do many things I spent Rs 600 But since it was for
a good cause I didn’t bother What is this for? Meat for the temple priest? Is this for us? You can have it too But make Vijayan also drink some He is pursuing this oath
My daughter is only 29 He will drink if you insist Don’t make fun of me Isn’t that our Vijayan coming? Okay, do your best
Don’t tell him I brought this Wait there Mr Nair Look at this, your father-in-law
wants you back like the old Vijayan It wasn’t me Don’t deny it
You are capable of doing it Dirty man I have decided to go on
a pilgrimage to Rameshwaram So I am curbing my tongue Rameshwaram?
When I wonder? Why must I tell you? Better take a shaving razor
and soap when you go I can’t take the kids
to school any more I am not the owner Damodaran’etan wants his due
and till then not to take the kids I wish you’d told me
I would have paid him It’s okay Chant I am going to school
to drop the kids What? I am going to school
to drop the kids What about the auto? The auto came
and went away also Why? Because it is not God’s auto
Belongs to the workshop owner Your total credit here
has touched Rs 2200 I was supposed to go buy stock
But couldn’t I hope you won’t be
the cause of my downfall I will give it tomorrow Surely I will Have you bought
flowers for the puja? Didn’t you? What about camphor
and coconut? You do know that
these are artificial jewels We have to pay the provision shop The only thing remaining
in gold is this chain Tomorrow, this also will go Mother, load shedding time
is over, isn’t it? This house will now have
permanent load shedding The electricity bill
has not been paid I will never scold you again
for not studying The last day for payment
of your school fee is 3rd, right? After that you need
not go to school So? In a few days, rice and other
provisions will also be over After that no food also What are you
telling the children? The truth that’s all You are trying to hurt me? Why should I hurt you? Do you have
a heart to hurts? Don’t listen to all this Go and pray
Don’t miss that

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