Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala Malayalam Movie | Scene 09

What are you people
standing here for? Is someone dead? Leave it, master! They’ve been here
gaping for quite some time What’s the use
of reproaching them? This must be fun for you, right? They don’t understand
our burning anxieties Dear friends, now that you have
met Swamy and got the sacred water Why don’t you come back
for the evening prayers? Can’t you let us alone for a while? Achuthan Nair, it’s not that
I don’t know how to deal with him But if do, your daughter
will be minus her husband What is this master? Intelligent people don’t talk like this I think this is
a challenge to defeat me That could be true
But think of it from his view He just followed
our advice to hilt How can we blame him now? What do we do now? If it was fever or cold
we have medicines to cure Or even if its cancer
that portion is cut away But this, will only end in
my daughter and kids on streets No point in getting angry Call him and advice him
That’s the only way out Wait there! The temple doors
will close now Come here Don’t make yourself
a laughing stock Why should people laugh, father? One day, out of the blue
you start vigorous prayers… …why won’t people laugh? People do not realize
the bliss I experience This worldly life
is full of troubles, father I have gone after
many means to make money But only faced mental conflicts Men who made millions,
denounced wealth to follow God Who was that? It was not one person
Many people Me, without making millions
have gone straight to God No one says being religious is bad But why be at it 24/7…? Are you asking me
to be a part time devotee? The flicker of religious flame
was fanned into a blaze by you Now, you cannot put out that fire I cannot allow this We only asked you
to go during the season You did as we asked Now you must break the fast You can go again, next season So, a seasonal devotion? – Don’t test my patience
– Master! – I’ll knock out your teeth
– Stop it master! I won’t let him off this time I don’t understand you I have turned
to complete devotion But you treat me
like a gross drunkard Everything in excess is bad Is your devotion just a mask? One day God will realize it
And you will be punished I must go before
the temple closes Vijaya! What is this we are hearing? Why haven’t you
ended your fast yet? Tell us the truth Aren’t you getting back
at your people? You have got your father
and father-in-law in a real fix, right? Very good They are living with you
That’s why we did not come But why haven’t you
come to the kiln? Don’t expect me to come anywhere Don’t think I will come What are you saying? The truth The life I led so far was nothing True happiness is in
divinity and religion As an old friend
I am advising you Stop this wayward life Choose the path of God and goodness Only then… …. can we connect again Best of luck my friends Has everybody has left, Shyama? Such a relief
No peace all these days Not even to pray calmly Why always so dull? Haven’t I become
a better person? What is it? Are you feeling sad
because your parents left? I have only one thing
to be sad about It is you, Vijay’eta I don’t understand What is your intention? Intention…? Look, I have stopped drinking Gambling with cards I’m not loafing around It’s only for your happiness, right? But… But what about the old
fun, jokes and pranks? I am in a divine world now There are no jokes and fun there What is there? Happiness Absolute bliss Nothing else? I am not aware
of anything else Only God, devotion
and I am his slave What about me
and the children? You are in this world Are you in netherworld? That’s only when you die Yes…death If this continues
the children and I will die We will all die Not like that
We’ll starve to death You, a better person?
This is not the way Then how? First take off that
beggar like beard But I am on oath For what? To go to Sabarimala
first day of every month Isn’t it easier to go
to school and teach? If you don’t, I swear
our kids will die of hunger I have entrusted
everything on God Really? So God will bring the rice
to be cooked for lunch? God is not a rice merchant Don’t make fun of God
Even if you have no belief You want me to go
back to my job, right? I will do that also
for your sake

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