Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala Malayalam Movie | Scene 08

Have we got to climb more? The climb has only begun We are near Karimala
Next is Neelimala And Sabarimala? That’s at the end I have not committed
any crime to endure all this It’s because you
are coming for first time Why? Next time these hills
won’t be here, eh? Swamy, keep chanting
Lord Ayyappa’s name You won’t feel these hardships Give me something to drink – Do you who that Swamy was?
– Who? Gurupada Sehsa Iyer The owner of Hindustan Boilers He was rolling in money
A millionaire He denounced everything He donated all his wealth
to the sick and needy Just gave away all his wealth? Yes Swami When the media asked him why He replied, I have
my Ayyappa Swamy What other wealth
do I need on earth? Now he climbs the hills
every month of the year Some people do many
dirty things to accumulate wealth While some give away their wealth
and give up themselves to God It’s all Maya, illusion Vijayan Swamy Swamy
Wait What are you up to? – I’ve not had enough
– Of what? I want to pray some more Chechi
Vijya’etan is here Ayyappa Swamy was kind He has brought you back safely How was your journey? Chant Is tough climbing hills? Climbing the Karimala was tough – True, Karimal is tough
– Did you get good Darshan of Lord? I prayed for hours I told him all my miseries You prayed for hours
n this crowd? He asked me, why
did I take so long to come to Him? Who? The Lord himself True! If you are true to Him
You will hear such things Only my physical body
has come back My thoughts and heart
are still there That’s how it must be Now do you understand?
Why we insisted you go? Yes father
I did…everything Chant Let’s go ahead with ritual
of breaking abstinence Shave off your beard
and have a good bath Is lunch ready? Yes father I don’t want to break it now – Then?
– I can’t break my vow, father But that is not the usual practice When, on 1st of next lunar month
the temple opens, I want to go again I want to go very month But there is no need for that Even if you want to,you can
start your vow just 3 days before That will not work out I must begin my fast again For how long? The rest of my life Then it would be better
to make a hut and live there Don’t blabber
Go end your fast I have cooked meat and fish How long will you
go on with a vegetarian diet I have heated water
Have a bath and come eat food – What is all this?
– All what? These? This is meat curry This is fish curry
Why do you ask? Where are you going? Ayyo! What the heck did you do? Throwing away food
that was made for all of us? From today, everybody
in this house will be vegetarians There is a small bit here That’s not hair
It’s a black spot So who has actually
seen Vijayan swamy? None among us here Then how can you pass
opinion on hearsay alone? Chandra, this is really a case of
madness born of religiosity How can you say for sure? All these days
he gambled and drank Now, he’s at the temple
before it opens No one knows him
as well as I do He is doing it with
some ultra motive May be a mental stand What was that? Some people become addicts
to anything they begin to practice When they start drinking
they just cannot stop Gamble on horses at the races
They just won’t stop There are no foreigners here
So please speak in Malayalam Naxalites… …slit the throats of land owners They never had
any thoughts of God Later what happened? Some became saints They became followers
of Sai Baba, the God man They became steeped in devotion This must also
be a case like that But this change
is unbelievable He gets up early morning
around 3 or 4 am Goes straight to the temple pond
Has a dip in those icy waters Begins his prayers at 4 am
and it ends only by 8 am He even took his children
one day to the pond for a dip Then he made them pray
smearing ash over their body Later, both of them
fell sick with high fever Townsfolk visit him these days
saying that, after his Sabarimala trip… …he’s got divine powers
Is this true? Those are people from outside You mean foreigners? Yes, our ‘local foreigners’

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