Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala Malayalam Movie | Scene 02

The tea won’t go down my throat Someone is praising you somewhere That’s why the hiccoughs Nothing like that will happen
I am shivering in fear, Suku How will I direct when
I have not even seen a film shoot Does everyone do a job
only after seeing or knowing? You must have self confidence That’s what I don’t have at all Look, if you begin like this
in the last moment…! I had to beg that owner of
soap company to make this Ad film He had no ambitions
to make an ad at all If you did not know direction
why did you jump up and accept I did not think
of consequences No use of regrets now The model, cameraman and
the entire unit will have come In all these years, what jobs
did you know before doing it? What job did I do in ignorance? Think back Remember the coir rope business? Sure I do Our village used to buy
coir ropes at very high rates I thought over and decided
why not make our own coir I studied the market Scarcity of a commodity
always creates demand Have you studied Economics? I have…I mean Have you or have you not? – No, you have not
– But I did And what happened? Coconut husks from the whole
village, were soaked in a pond Later on you realized, there were
no coir rope experts in our village The coconut husks
rotted in the pond Vijay’etan’s name too
started to stink – That was a lesson for me
– What lesson! Next you packaged
small twigs of neem Called it herbal tooth brush Tried to market it But by winter all the twigs
were dry enough to burn The only job you are
capable to teach Instead of doing that
you absent yourself and roam You don’t know any kind of work So it matters little, whether
you direct or do anything else – Let’s stop this discussion right here
– I am not interested too Goodness, we are late! The shooting unit
must have already reached Wear your dress
And wear that hat Let them at least think
you are a capable man Most school teachers are
avaricious and get into such activities Advertisement films
Money lending But this was not
a good idea at all Don’t worry Vijay’eta Shooting is not as tough as you think Haven’t you read
in film magazines? The director says
Start…action…cut That’s all The cameraman looks after the rest
The model will do her job – What will the model first do?
– She will swallow a spear! Have you forgotten all I said? The model jumps into the pond Comes up out of water
That is in slow motion Oh! Does she know how
to move in slow motion? Why should the model do it?
Those are camera tricks How would I know all this? Ok…let’s not have slow motion The model gets out of water She climbs the steps slowly The soap box is there
Within it is ‘Parimala’ soap The model picks up that soap
Lathers her half naked body And says…the secret
of my beauty is Parimala soap Got it? Did you? Anyway I am sunk
Let’s face the music now Come out Come here Now go What is this?
We have been waiting for an hour We visited the temple
for an auspicious start Yes Then let’s begin without
wasting any more time Sure
I am ready Start! Action! Cut! I didn’t understand? Start…action…cut What did you not understand? What about lighting up the scene? Sure, you can light up Go ahead
Do it First tell me where
the camera is to be placed Camera.. Anyway not here Let it be there
Place it there Yes, shift it there Where is the story board? Storyboard was there
But we decided not to use it Script? I forgot to bring it The what are we to shoot? Shoot…is only this The model jumps into the water Dives and comes up She climbs the steps She takes the soap
from the soap box Parimala soap She rubs the soap
on her bare skin and says The secret of my beautiful body
is Parimala Soap I think the pond is quite deep Don’t worry
I’ll save you from drowning So what is our first shot? Let us take all the shots first What are you saying sir? When the model jumps in
where must the camera be? The artist is jumping right? Let the camera also jump Sir, come here Either these fellows are mad
Or they are imposters Better get rid of them
before we face a loss You don’t worry, sir
I will shoot it for you Please! I have spent
quite a bit already How many ads
did you say you’ve shot? – May be 10 or 15
– Stop it! Sir, please forgive
I’ll tell you the truth He said direction
was an easy job I have not even seen
a shoot in progress sir So, the 2 of you are
out to cheat people, eh? You enjoyed good food
and booze at my expense, right? Now you better pay me
and scoot before you get hurt That soap owner was quite decent At least he did not beat us Start, action, cut! I have been in many ventures But haven’t cheated people What a great, truthful man! I challenge you Do at least one business
and show me your profit I don’t have to prove Do you anything of economics? Good I did not study it If I had, I would have
got myself a begging bowl now Well, what else do you have? TRUE
I deserve this Wait and see I won’t stand by you
for any of your projects Hey! Don’t be angry
I was just joking You call it a joke
hurting others? Forget it We don’t have enough
money to go by auto Get a bicycle
to reach home I can’t be bothered Hire a cycle from
Ramankuty’s shop, Suku

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