100 thoughts on “Chinese feel ‘ripped off’ by phase one deal with US: China watcher

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  2. One of the grounds for impeachment is high crimes and described in the constitution, a high crime is one that can be done only by someone in a unique position of authority, which is political in character, who does things to circumvent justice. President Donald J. Trump is entitled to justice in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi is using her unique position as Speaker of the House to circumvent justice by holding Articles of Impeachment from the Senate until she acquires a trial of her preference. She has violated her oath of office, committed this high crime as defined in the constitution, and by law must be impeached from office. Post and Re-post!!!!

  3. America made China a rich country for more than 40 years, then, why complain for some small ripped off by Phase one deal with USA? While China was ripping off the USA for decades and only President Trump did something to stop the ripped off….and renegotiate what our previous stupid negotiators did to let China slip ripping-off us all the time.

  4. China the whining you got away with too much. You were in the playground for 8 yrs when Obozo was the WH now you are dealing with an Alpha male and toy going crazy.

  5. A lot of American designers have their product manufactured in China create those jobs in America. If not American consumer boycott that designer.

  6. It's impossible to sue Chinese companies for things they do overseas. They make you jump through so many hoops eventually you give up.

  7. The CCP feel ripped off in phase one of trade deal??? Easy solution-don’t sign!!! 🙄🤯 That would be great!!! Need to decouple the economies and let China sink or swim on its own and start treating them as the threat that they are-a threat far greater than the Soviet Union ever was even at its peak imo…

  8. Trying to remember the last time China felt "ripped off" with Obama or any other president …
    Oh, that's right, China LOVED Obama because he bowed and dropped to his knees for them, hence the reason a new trade deal was desperately needed.

    But hey, let's impeach the guy for making a phone call to see if a corrupt situation was corrupt.

  9. A level playing field is something the Chinese don't like, they have had everything handed to them on a silver platter. Makes you wonder who was behind such idiotic trade deals!!!

  10. The rights for gunpowder, the compass and printing were all stolen from China by foreigners. China should tell Uncle SCAM to GFY! With friends like the US, who needs enemies?

  11. Americans are more false than a leader coin.
    This agreement was jus for Christmas. And then tariffs again.
    China will win.

  12. GW Bush and Obama talked a good talk but we’re afraid to confront China. Out of nowhere BAM…..there ya go. Donald J. Trump. Sure he can be obnoxious and over tweet, but he takes care of business! 🇺🇸

  13. I don’t necessarily believe we have good deal , you have to remember President Trump is under an immense pressure from internal politics that might impeach him. He is also under tremendous pressure from money interest non-national global capitalist and needs to be re-elected, wow !!! I dont envy you Mr President. Keep fighting !

  14. there quick Ascension to great economic hight will be lacking if the US were to become unable to afford to cater to there ship industry. it make wonder how much the rest of the world purchase s from china. holding up there mass porductivity. are those unoccupied citys a hallucination someone has imposed on an unable to differentiate global population.

  15. It’s funny how American feels they being ripped off 🤣 There’s many talks of trade deal phase one being completed by only America.😢

  16. in lue of cut backs i will give a poor dollar stores. as they close up after the influx affects there bottom line. lets not let walmart take it. there way to controversial.

  17. Yep now you know how the US has been feeling with all these globalist programs we have been put into by the globalists. We have been paying our part but not the others. That is why our great president said no more and pulled us out of these big money grab schemes.

  18. clickbait. there is no evidence to suggest this mans opinion are correct. Xi putin eun and others are using trumps arrogance against him

  19. Simple. Block all trade with ALL totalitarian states and this ends all the "ripping off" on all sides.

    Because the only "ripping off" is when totalitarian states use the UN and other countries to RIP off western tax payers to finance bloody totalitarian regimes.

    So, simply let's stop doing any business with totalitarian states. We do not owe them anything.

  20. The next move that President Trump must do is to change the policy that allows people that don’t live in the US to own property. The Chinese and foreign investors from these communist countries come here and spend billions and buy these homes for cash prices which causes the housing prices to skyrocket as well. When an invested in China has $10 million dollars and has to invest it out side of China to avoid the penalties, what they do is make cash bids of way above market value of a house causing the values to go up. This is the main reason why we have a housing problem of unaffordable houses. This practice needs to stop. This should any real estate include houses as well as commercial real estate.

  21. China has been ripping off the entire world for decades! We have made them so rich to the point that they have the capability to fly to the moon, build nuclear weapons, stole technologies from all over the world, and invade South China Sea. How come nobody complains about that? China only agreed to phase one because they wanted to avoid the tariff. But, it looks like China is playing the US again. They try to delay as long as possible.

  22. What about penalty? Not just snap back the tariff. But, what about penalty when they don’t honor their agreement with us. Chinese has been a crook. They have never honored their words.

  23. We in the US need to learn an important fact that the Chinese know very well. They need to sell us their stuff more than we need to buy it.

  24. How do you sue a chinese company? So many don’t honor their business agreements and ignore consumer complains, not to mention plagiarism. Chinese products are cheap but don’t last, not worth it.

  25. China is just saying that.. it is clear China gave nothing .. USA gave everything. Trade wars are easy to win. Meanwhile China kicks Americas butt and the world continues laughing at Trump

  26. When U stop letting someone continually take advantage of you, most often, YOU are the bad guy! Too often resent it when U end their free ride.

  27. It's an insult to Americans and our military members to be financing the Chinese military with 401k funds. It's a slap in the face to Americans, these same weapons that are being financed with 401k monies may one day be what kills our military members.

  28. President Trump makes real deals…just fire them President Trump..then build factories here for American workers only

  29. Geez how many times has trump told us we have a deal, what’s so hard to understand China has told us over and over again no deal, when do we listen !

  30. It looks like these people totally ignore what the Chinese had done to help the US and the world during US's subprime fraud. No wonder they feel ripped off !! I'm sure the Chinese will not bail out the US again in the future.

  31. F you China. Stop harvesting organs from slaves, screwing over America and oh … your leader looks like Winnie the Poo.

  32. Awwww poor China what the leftists idiots don’t realize is that Chinese has used global markets to invest in properties around the world to achieve world domination. I have been sayings my this for years, but all my ex friends/contacts said I was racist.

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