Carbon Credit! (The first superhero who smokes)

Carbon credit
(the first superhero who smokes) starring Europe, as itself The arm of finance and Carbon credit – the superhero who’s here
to save the world Kyoto 1997 The earth is threatened by pollution, global warming
and the depletion of natural resources. Over 180 nations meet for the first time
looking for a solution. Which, at some point, appears. It’s him! Only he can save the world. Only he can defeat carbon dioxide, protect nature
and bridge the gap between rich and poor. All in one shot. His name is… Carbon credit – the first superhero
who smokes Like it? It was made in Japan. Carbon credit. I’ll tell you how
to play with it, ok? Just let me read the instructions first. Shoot! They’re in Japenese! Never mind
we’ll just need to look at the pictures. I’ll show you. Every country is allowed a set amount of carbon,
CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. If a country should it exceed this limit
it will have to buy allowances from other countries to offset
global pollution. All clear so far. Are you with me? Now – how can we make big
multinational corporations avoid paying? How can we make it
worthwhile for them too? This is a job for… carbon credit – the only superhero who smokes! The real genius is at work here. I know, I know – a new outfit, cigarettes,
there are some costs involved, sure. Don’t worry. In time the market will fix it all and eventually
it will turn out to be a really good deal. Carbon credit will give you
a license to pollute So are you a multinational corporation? Are your plants releasing
too much carbon dioxide? No problem pal, just work it out. Just buy carbon credit and you can keep
up the bad work with the blessing of the
international community. Carbon credit can muddy the waters Ever heard of the three-card
monty trick? Keep your eye on pollution. Now build three dams in Latin America With the carbon credits earned you build
a coal fired power station in Calabria. Where’s the pollution? I’ll do it again. Three dams are worth 10 million
carbon credits just like the emissions caused by the coal plants.
Where’s the pollution? You might not have noticed but Carbon credit presses the dirt deeper The first layer of dirt is obvious. That’s the coal fired plant in Calabria which was built only thanks
to carbon credit. The second layer is the true revolution –
three pretty dams in Latin America which only served to get carbon credits
and caused damage to the environment like all environmental eye sores. Democracy, as it boots corruption Local peoples, who have suffered
mass displacement. Not bad eh? They call them flexible mechanisms or even green economy. or as you like it, do you want to try
and make a name up yourself? It just has to sound good
and boost private profit. Think about it while we move on. Carbon credit is an end to itself You have just built those three
famous useless dams Now you stop for a second give them a puzzled look
and think ‘why not?’ And then in the blink of an eye
you have built 18 more. There. At last, you are already
in there. It was easy peasy. So you get more carbon credit
surplus and sell it. But how do you do it?
How do you sell them? Carbon credit plays
on the European market Just like oil and Manchester United! There you go! The planet’s safety
is in the hand of carbon credit. He knows how to get the most
out of the market bubbles, tax havens, new financial products
so many twists and turns. Would you like a glass of water? Now we’ve come to the last super power. Carbon credit is lucrative only for us
the international financial elite Maybe this video gets better. There, but it’s written in small print. I can’t read it. It’s broken. It’s your fault. How long did you think
it would last? All things must pass –
didn’t you know that? C’mon don’t act like this. Let’s try and fix it
through state intervention. You see if the European Investment Bank lends us
a hand we can play with it a little longer. In the meantime, we’ll give this one to emerging economies
while you buy a new one. Just give it a name, float it on the stock exchange
and make a story up. I’ll tell you how, just lie down
and relax. It’s getting quite late. Waterella! Dripping, gushing
and super cool. The super heroine that will give you
as much water as you can buy. But – what’s this noise? It’s Re-leaf! The one and only who can
turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. Hard to believe it’s been free so far. Just buy it and you’ll make
a terrific impression. Then there’s.. but are you asleep? It works just like a fairy tale. We knew it. Sleep, baby, sleep. Will carbon credit and his friend succeed
in making Europe waste more precious time before it reverses course while they keep destroying
our ecosystem? We certainly hope they won’t to be continued prduced by realised by

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  1. Can Carbon Credits (mechanism by market) helping the poor countries? … They (the MNC) expand production by destroy the nature all over the world while speak helping the poorest? Thats internal contradiction coz its not their concerns!!

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