Binghamton Major Minute – Studio Art

[Music] Hi. My name is Heather. I am a major in Studio Art, with a concentration in painting . . . and I have 60 seconds to tell you all about it. I chose this major because growing up, I’ve always been more artistically inclined and I was really excited . . . to be here at the University and be able to
really explore this major . . . see where it could take me and all those
kind of things. My favorite class so far, here at the
University . . . has definitely been Intro Painting. It’s great because we’ve been able to take a lot of concepts like steps and shading . . . and really create realistic images. And I still use that in my dance classes. As far as clubs go, I’m very involved in the Tennis Clubs here . . . and I get to actually design t-shirts over the past past year, as well as posters, to help recruit members . . . I’m also a tour guide . . . so I hope to see you guys for a campus visit. Something that surprised me about this major is just how active the department is. You know, they are always doing art galleries and shows, so that was really cool. In a couple of years, I definitely see myself earning an advanced degree . . . where that hopefully, I can use a lot of my art skills that can help me with whatever the future holds. So, that’s been the painting concentration here at Binghamton. I’m Heather, signing off.

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