Announcing Our New Segment: HSC Economics Review [#HER]

– What’s up guys? It’s Rowan here from Art of Smart TV and I’m super excited to
announce a new segment for our online TV show. Now this new segment goes out to all of the HSC Economics
students out there. You know a key to
excelling in HSC Economics is staying up to date with all of the changes and trends in both the Australian and global economy. The challenge though is
there’s so much going on. There’s always new articles, new information, new statistics coming out and how do you work out, number one, what’s important? What you need to know. And then, number two, how
do you actually apply that to your short answer
questions and your essays to really differentiate yourself, to get that band six result? And so that’s why I’m
really excited to announce our new segment, which is called the HSC Economics Review,
or HER, for short. And our goal is in this
Australian first web series, each month, we’re going
to be bringing you videos covering the major updates in the Australian and global economy. And we’re going to be
discussing how you can apply to the HSC Economics course. In particular, Terry and I, we’re going to be digging in and doing some analysis, you know, because the best
way to get that band six in HSC Economics is to be
able to critically analyze the effectiveness of policy on achieving economic
issues and objectives. And it’s also the thing that, that let’s be honest, most students really
struggle with and suck at. So the point of the HSC Economics Review is to really help you build your ability to analyze effectively and to differentiate yourself, so that you can nail that
band six in HSC Economics. But, of course, who are we and, you know, why
should you listen to us? Why should you trust us to
guide you along this journey? (upbeat music) – Hey, I’m Terry from the Art of Smart Economics and Business Studies team. I’m a qualified HSC Economics teacher and I’ve been very fortunate to work with some very, very great schools, including Normanhurst Boys’ High School, North Sydney Boys High School, and I’m currently at
Hornsby Girls’ High School. I’ve also completed my
Bachelors of Commerce, and Bachelors of Secondary Education, where I placed first in the program. A little fun fact about me, I’m a bit of a crypto geek, so hopefully I can integrate
a few of those stories into our reviews moving forward. (upbeat music)

3 thoughts on “Announcing Our New Segment: HSC Economics Review [#HER]

  1. This is going to be so useful to me! Could we have some info on the Trade War between US & China. My eco class is doing our globalisation case study on China. thanks & I’m so excited 😆

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