Anand Macherla — Economics — Class of 2018

I’ve been to many other parts of the
world I’ve been to many other schools around the country and one thing that
stands out to me the most about UNM is just the kind hearted nature of the
folks here. I originally came to UNM expecting to study computer science and
International Studies and instead that changed to economics and international
business. The reason for this was because my freshman year I got involved with an
organization called International Business Students Global, IBSG, and
the world affairs delegation — the equivalent of UNM’s Model UN team. I had
no idea that I was going to come across a world-class program like IBSG. After
spending more time at UNM, after spending more time in my major and with my
professors and with my peers, I’ve come to realize that UNM is honestly a
world-class institution. Was just some of the best opportunities that can be
provided globally. My favorite places to study over the
last four years has been in Hodgin Hall. It’s on the corner of University and
Central. Not many people know about it and even fewer people have actually been
there. Hodgin is the oldest building on campus and it’s the Alumni Hall. Alum
will return and and visit Hodgin first and foremost. But it also speaks to me
because that building has just seen so much history over the last hundred
twenty eight twenty nine years. Hodgin actually has a library of every
single author that UNM has ever produced. And so not only do the walls speak but
as you sit there and study, you’re sitting with a hundred and twenty nine
years of history. I’ve met my co-founder here, I’ve met my best friends for life
here, I’ve met some of the greatest mentors I will ever have here, but
ultimately I found my community here.

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