100 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Harvard Computer Science Student

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  3. I can’t understand why people in comments say this guy is doing something unbelievable. I am doing maths if i am tired of astrophysics. Should i shot a vlog? Не понимаю людей в комментах, которые говорят, что чел делает что-то невероятное. Я занимаюсь математикой, если устал от астрофизики. Может, мне тоже вложек запилить??..

  4. Olha como o cara faz o chá dele ele é simplesmente um gênio!🙌
    Eu jogo o sachê na água que nem doido 😒😂

  5. I never heard about brilliant.org before. I took a recursion exam four days ago and I reproved :'v Thanks for the recommendation 👍

  6. Geez nothing to make u feel more than a degenerate than seeing someone else’s schedule granted this dude’s workload doesn’t look that bad

  7. haha, you're very cute! I'm hungarian, and trust me, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi is a hard name to pronounce :)) Best luck to you!

  8. I have watched your video and I wish you all the best. Now that you kinda showed your routine and how things work on your daily life in Harvard I have come to a conclusion, by also watching and hearing about the experience of other people at this school that the life of being on such at a high level is not for me. I am a pretty average student currently on 10 grade (From Albania) and I am lazy when it comes to school. My biggest passion has been sports and knowing that I am a fit and athletic guy I feel that I am wasting all the work to my body on a useless university. So I am keeping my end goal of being a professional soccer player because that is what I like and I value physicality over smartness because a good body makes smart and better people.

  9. Christ the contrast between this and Sienna's day in the life of a Harvard student.

    This is more akin to PaigeY's day in the life.

  10. I‘m interested. Why got a computer science student mostly swedish and math on his schedule? I‘m from Germany and here you do logic courses in the first place, theoretical computer science and so on… Just interested, are you in a higher semester?

  11. Tienes exactamente el razonamiento que se desea de un profesor de posgrado.. aunque no lo seas..pero se que comprendes en verdad a un estudiante y a la vida en general. Brillante chico.

  12. Loved "Develop as a person" yes. First video I watch, so far I love your energy and the fact that you read that book when I myself am learning about Taoism is great. 🙏

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