A Day In The Life: NYU Student

(thumping techno beat) – A typical day for me looks like hopping out of bed around seven, 7:30, grabbing some food, a cappuccino and a lot of coffee throughout the day. (thumping techno beat) And then going to a couple classes, catching up with friends, and then at nighttime there’s a bunch of really, really cool restaurants, some really cool speakeasy
type places and lounges that you can check out. Of course, NYU is based in the
Lower East Side of Manhattan which is where all the really
like cool, hip places are. There’s kind of this endless supply of these great places to go to. Hi, I’m Jennifer. I’m from New Zealand and
I’m studying here at NYU. I’m an Economics major
and I’m double minoring in Business at Stern
and Art at Steinhardt. (thumping techno beat) This was one of the
original buildings at NYU. I think it used to be
called the Main Building before NYU kind of exploded to have all these different campuses and so many buildings
around Manhattan island. (twinkling techno beat) I’m a sophomore, so that means I don’t have to have a roommate,
so I grabbed that chance. My roommate last year was great, but I’m coming home from the library at all various times of the night. I have a kitchen, a
bathroom, a little desk. This building pretty much has everything you need downstairs. There’s two study lounges, one for silent studying, there’s like six Mac
computers there as well. There’s places where
musicians can practice like playing the piano or singing. There’s also a really
cool little games lounge. It’s right on Bowery as
well, so it’s in the center of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, which is where a lot of the quirky cafes, a lot of the quirky restaurants are which I’ve just been loving. (thumping techno beat) I would say I chose
economics, to be honest because I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do when I graduated. I think that economics really opens a lot of different doors. So, when you do decide what you want to do you’re not limited too much. You can go into consulting, finance, or entrepreneurship, there’s
a pretty big range of things. The networking opportunities
here are insane. If you want to work at
any of the big banks, there’s some awesome
networking events here because of course a
lot of the headquarters of the big banks, or the
big consulting firms, just any kind of company that’s global, the chances are the headquarters are here in Manhattan. (thumping techno beat) Seriously, the opportunities
are next to unlimited. Really whoever you want to meet, there’s probably some sort
of avenue to meet them. (thumping techno beat) NYU has, because it’s such a big campus, and everyone’s looking
for ways to get involved and meet people, NYU has
heaps and heaps of clubs. I think there’s like
300 clubs or something, and we have clubs for literally
everything you can imagine. We even have a cheese tasting club. I’m personally in the running club, and we meet twice a week. We do strength training
on Mondays at 6:15, which is a little bit
brutal especially ’cause it’s not super close by, but
then we just run around here as well, so this is
Washington Square Park. (thumping techno beat) (drumming) The culture here is amazing, so we have performers
here with full jazz bands and grand pianos, amazing artists. Humans of New York actually
shoot here a lot as well. The culture here is pretty incredible. It’s quite fun to just
sit here and hang out, and there’s always something going on. (thumping techno beat) I’m actually a really
big fan of street food. Every morning I get street food. The dining halls here are
actually pretty solid, too. I know some people don’t like them, but I heard there was
this rating the other day that NYU has some of the best dining food, and I would agree with that. This is Weinstein, it’s
where I stayed last year. There’s actually four dining halls here. They’re a little bit
hard to see from here, but there is a Jewish dining hall, which is all Kosher food, and then there’s a small food court just there,
so it’s got Jamba Juice, it’s got like a Subway
equivalent, like a Chick-Fil-A, and a bunch of other things like that. In downstairs, which is
where we’re going now to grab lunch, is the main dining hall. I’m good, how are you? (thumping techno beat) The plan all throughout
high school was never to actually go to an American university. It was only after I
finished IB that I kind of started thinking about it, and
a lot of it really was just, my dad had this idea. He was like, “Oh, I mean,
you finished your exams well, and so now you know you have this option,” which we hadn’t even really thought about. I wasn’t really sure about it, I was like, “I’m more than happy going
to Auckland University.” That was kind of always the plan, but then he dragged me along to this American universities expo,
and then I just fell in love with the idea of studying away. (thumping techno beat) Something that I found so
surprising when I was coming here to NYU, or after being
here for a year or so, is just the incredible
backgrounds and diverse places that people come from, so I
think in just in my cohort alone there was like 96 languages spoken. What’s so great about such
a diverse pool of students is that you can really,
like there’s not a lot of judgment here, so you can
just really be yourself. (thumping techno beat) It’s the center of the world here, and I definitely feel mixed into that. (thumping techno beat) There’s so much opportunity
here, it’s really hard to not just grab as much as you can. (thumping techno beat) – If you’re interested
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  1. I'm from Central Asia, my gpa is 5/5 (4.0 in America, right?), my toefl is 111/120 and SAT is 1400. Is it possible for me to get in and get need-based financial aid? My mom only earns $3000 per year, she can't pay for my education anywhere :c But I really want to get into a nice school. Please help.

  2. 7:09 We did this math exercise at the lycée in France (10th grade). I'm shocked they still do this at NYU University (or in all USA Universities?)

  3. Have being watching this video over and over again for months, I can't wait till Dec.12 when decision would be released.

  4. My best friend went to NYU and I stayed at her dorm a lot and their food is delicious..also by street food she means coffee trucks lol they have bagels and breakfast shit

  5. Getting into NYU takes much more than just great grades!
    Learn insider tips from Jen and other Ivy League students about how to nail your US application!

  6. Everyone complaining about tuition cost is just ridiculous. The whole reason you want to go to this school is because of its prestige or standard that warranted the high price in the first place. If the standards of NYU drop to the point you can afford it, you wouldn't even want to attend it any more.

  7. https://i1.wp.com/www.brookings.edu/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/ccf_20170201_reeves_1.png?w=768&crop=0%2C0px%2C100%2C9999px&ssl=1

  8. I would love to visit NYC again!! I went there over Christmas (made a cool video about it!), and can't wait to be back! We went to Top of the Rock, Chinatown, Little Italy, and even Casey Neistat's studio haha 😎🕶

  9. I knw of this girl had a grt job in a bank in Dubai now shes shifted to NYC its a whole new experience working here she said everyday is a challenge she jst loves it !!theres never a dull moment!!

  10. Why everyone say it is too expensive doesn't NYU provide financial aid to international students?

  11. Scores of cold-cases linked to "the Tisch purge" have now been solved. To date, the perpetrators remain free & clear. It is true. Pass the word.

  12. You should be too broke to do all this stuff. Real college life is:
    Breakfast: left over bagel that’s been sitting on the counter all night

    Lunch: ramen noodles

    Dinner: go to your common room and get a f’real shake.


  13. Of course she took the IB. People, if you want to get into elite universities just take the IB.


    Taking the IB is not enough. There is a tiny bit of studying involved as well.

  14. Life is not easy even though I am from a rich family. The more.money you have, the more responsibilty you carry on your.shoulder, and thats a lot of pressure. Besides, I am surrounded by people who come from rich families, too. They work hard and they aim really high. So I have to work hard to catch up with them. Its really not easy at all and money cant buy happiness. Different people have different struggles.

  15. NYU isn't the most competitive university I'm applying to, but it's definitely one of the ones I really want to attend. Seems like a good work/social balance

  16. If you truly want to study in New York City, here is some advice from a New Yorker. Research CUNY schools. They are cheaper good schools in New York. The one I recommend is Baruch college. Very good Business school and college in general. The others are good colleges too. In addition they are CHEAP. Baruch is about 8,000 a year for in state students. Out of state or international might be higher but still affordable. Also, apply to Columbia. They give good financial aid and are an ivy league school. Dont go to NYU unless you get a good scholarship or have money

  17. Please give me your reply. I will be evergracefully after getting you, husband and wife. Please believe me i love you very much.

  18. When I was a freshman in college I dated this beautiful Jewish girl that went to NYU. I went to college in JC in played D1 soccer and I was super broke and she was super rich we were so opposite but she loved me and took care of me. Can't believe I mess that up now she's married to this big time lawyer with a office in Park Ave.

  19. NYC and Columbia's University/NYU has always been my dream place and college until I learned that I couldn't afford to pay the high tuition cost and rent. Not to mention, winter in NY could get extremely cold and imagine having to walk in the bitter weather to get to classes. I also anticipated myself majoring in business or economics, but now I changed my mind in wanting to major in medicine. Hopefully, I can live up to that expectation and achieve my goals.

  20. Yeah like you have to be rich first right? And financial aids and scholarships are like really hard to grab like chances be slimmer than my hair strand

  21. I wouldn’t even bother applying. I filled in an application and my advisor told me it’s almost impossible for international students to get scholarships as they’re limited. Then my advisor said “ can you set aside at least $40,000” and if it wasn’t possible I shouldn’t bother

  22. like…she is very …like…pretty…and…like…she…like…eats a lot…and like…I like her voice…it's like counting the 226 F-bombs in that Al Pacino movie, "Scarface"…

  23. I graduated from there. Great place until the city got overpopulated, polluted, loud and dangerous. Otherwise, thanks NYU.

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